How To Make Banh Pate So (Chaud)-Hot Pastry Pie-Vietnamese Food Recipes

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Hi friends today we are baking a delicious Vietnamese Pastry called Bánh Patê Sô.

This light and flaky pastry shell is filled with seasoned ground pork, chicken pate and many other delicious ingredients.

For thisrecipe you will need chicken pate, you can either buy it at the store or watch our video on how to make chicken pate.

You will also need ground pork, sugar, salt, crushed peppercorns, mushroom seasoning, shallot, yellow onion, sweet peas, wood ear mushrooms, bean-thread noodles.

puff-pastry sheets, egg for the egg wash, and a baking sheet.

Soak the wood-ear mushrooms, bean-thread noodles in warm water for ten minutes, once the wood-ear mushrooms and bean-thread noodles are soft, chop the wood-ear mushrooms and bean-thread noodles.

Chop the shallot, yellow onion, In a medium pan on medium heat saute shallot and yellow onion, canola oil.

Now in a large bowl combine all ingredients.

on a lightly flowered surface unfold the pastry dough.

Pre-Heat oven to 325 degrees, line baking sheet with wax paper.

Non-Stick Spray flower mold, star and heart mold to make my pastry's.

Using a 3 Tablespoon scoop place the filling onto the center of the pastry.

add egg white to the pastry dough to bind the top and bottom.

now brush on the egg wash.

Bake @325 degrees-30minutes.