How To Make Bamboo Rice-Vietnamese Food Recipes

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Hi friends my name is Mai today we are cookingdelicious Bamboo Rice.

For this delicious recipe we are using sweet rice, kosher salt,mung bean, kosher salt, and 6 inch dried bamboo, for the garnish you will need scallion oiland coconut cream topping.

You will also need fresh banana leaves, if you don't have bananaleaves you can use plastic wrap.

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Soak the sweet rice and soak the mung bean for 6 hours or longer.

Using a wetcloth clean the banana leaves.

Now cut the banana leaves into 6 inch squares.

Now tieoff one end of the bamboo.

Now drain and rinse the rice and the mung bean.

Add kosher saltto the soaked mung bean and kosher salt to the soaked rice.

Mix together.

Now stuff the bamboo with combination mungbean and rice.

This one just rice no mung bean.

Now close off the other end with bananaleaf.

Steam cook the bamboo rice for one hour and thirty minutes or longer.

And hear youhave delicious bamboo Rice.

Garnish with scallion oil and coconut cream topping.

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