How To Eat Vegan At A Mexican Restaurant | High Protein Meal

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Hey friends this is Jeff Morgan.

It's hard going vegan.

It can be really challenging.

My job is to make it less challenging for you guys.

I'm going to go into a Mexican Restaurant right now.

Mexican restaurants are great for vegan options but you might be surprised how many things actually contain animal products in them, lard and other things that they cook.

If you're trying to eat oil-free it's even more difficult so I'm going to go into this Mexican restaurant with my family and see what we can do to make things a little bit easier for ourselves.

I go oil-free so it's even more challenging but if you don't you're in luck.

So let's go in and check it out.

So I'm at Costa Vida here in Folsom California and they're being extremely accommodating.

They're cooking rice for us especially with no oil.

brown rice.

And the black beans they have, have no oil in them which is great for me.

And the corn tortillas surprisingly also have no oil in them What you have to watch out for at Mexican places is cooking with lard and shortening and cooking their things in animal broth but their beans are cooked in vegetable broth.

The rice is oil-free They're making it especially for us right now.

We simply asked them to and they would.

So you have to ask questions.

So I'm going to order the corn tortillas, black beans, rice, fresh vegetables, salsa, guacamole I'm totally set.

So if you look at the menu here there's really nothing on it that doesn't have animal products in it nothing on it that doesn't have and meat, cheese, chicken, dairy in it.

So we basically turned nothing to eat into something wonderful to eat.

And when you look at the menu here it shows you what the protein options are so we have pork chicken and beef, steak and chicken and this is misleading because in what I'm eating right here which is black beans, and look at this beautiful, delicious mess right here.

Black beans and rice and corn tortillas and guacamole and a mango salsa, there is at least 20-30 grams of protein in here Plant-based healthy protein in here so don't be misled by things like this.

Plenty of protein anywhere you go on a vegan plant-based diet.

So don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

Most places will be really accommodating.

I'm really excited to eat this.

It looks amazing.

Oil-free and it's totally vegan.

We just made it happen.

So don't be embarrassed to ask for what you want.

Be proud that you're doing something good for the planet and for your health and the animals.

Take it easy.

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