HOW TO EAT LIKE A TRUE AFRICAN 아프리카인처럼 먹기| KENYAN HUSBAND KOREAN WIFE 미국일상 먹요일 (2016 vlog ep.42)

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I wanna make you happy.

It's Valentines Day.

Oh!!! Good, Daddy! This family is watching Korean Drama.

We just came inside World Market.

So expensive.

Arts here Let's go.


No no.

Come down.

This Giraffe is $300.

$300! And I bought my giraffe.

Maybe $5 In Kenya But this is really high and big one.

My giraffe is like this.

It only, just doesn't have that base.

This is $100 This is not even from Africa They put it all from Africa Hey, guys.

Put it back.




It's so nice.

I wanna get this pillow.

What do you guys think about this pillow? My wife doesn't like stuff like this.

Because she is Korean.

They don't do a lot of decoration in their homes.

What??? We do.

My mom does it.

I like this one.

And this one.


I like flowers These are nice Actually for you.

My mom loves stuff like this Yuri.

Put it back.

We are eating some Kenyan food.

What is this called honey? This is called Ugali Ugali, ugali.


This is grilled in oven.

And then.

He made some salad.

He made some salad with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro And this is made out of maze.

And you have to eat with your hands.

That's what he said.

But, I am gonna use this.

It's yummy.

Yuri, do you like it? Yuri, have some beef.

/ Yes!!! This is how African men eat.


You have to use your hand.


Use your hand 2.

Get the ugali There is a technique to it.

You just don't go.

You just don't dig in from the top You take it from the side, so your hand has to be in that position When you cut, you dig and you twitch! That's the clean cut.

Make sure it's round You dip inside And you take your "Yamachomo" And you split the Yamachomo into two.

What's yamachomo? The meat That's how you eat Here is a true African lady.

You see how she eats? You open your mouth wide.

This one is not a true african lady.

This is trouble Yummy, daddy.

Yummy, but you are not eating.

Eating well.

It's a good day.

Today, I didn't blog at all.

But this is our dinner today.

This is nice.

James made some Thai Pineapple fried rice.

Do you like it? Yeah And then, I made some really spicy noodle! You like it? Yes Look at Yuri.

Like this How do you think? You did a good job! I made a big jump! You did a great job! Check this out! Good job! Mommy! Daddy is coming.


I love your hair.

Who did your hair, Yuri? Mommy Mommy did your hair? What are you looking at? Daddy came? / Daddy is going.

(He is going to get his bike.

) Wow! Yuri! You are so good!!! Yeah.

I did it! Do it again! I did it! You did it, Yuri! This family is watching Korean drama You wanna do cartwheel? OK.

Try one more time.

Do it again.


Does your arm hurt? Yes How are you guys doing? Yuri is singing Yuri, Hi! Actually, yesterday we got this really cute clothes.

That's my choice, by the way.

I think that's so cute.

Anyway, today, I have been a little bit sick.

I have a upset stomach, I don't know, but I had diarrhea and all that.

So, I took some medicine for diarrhea and then Diarrhea stopped but.

I can't really eat stuff.

I have been eating just fruits and I ate some cake Not really proper meal But, I don't really feel like eating anything with something like super spices on it James made some curry, but I don't feel like eating curry.

The spice makes me really nauseous Today, I am going to answer some of your questions that you asked me through #LilyPetalsWorld Just want you guys see my fashion of the day I feel like I am really dressed up and I look good.

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