How To Cook Pumpkin Soup-Canh Bi Do-Tom-Vietnamese Food Recipes

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Hi friends my name is Mai today we are cookinga delicious pumpkin and shrimp ball soup.

In Vietnam we call it Canh Bí Đỏ VớiTôm Vo Viên for this delicious soup recipe you will need a Kabocha squash also calledjapanese Pumpkin, kosher salt, shallot, mushroom seasoning, crushed rock sugar, and water.

To season the shrimp balls you will need fresh shrimp, sugar, kosher salt, shallot, crushedpeppercorns, mushroom seasoning, garlic cloves, fish sauce, sesame oil.

Garnish with greenonions and cilantro.

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First the shrimp balls.

In a food processor add shrimp, combine with shallot, garlic cloves,fish sauce, sesame oil, make into a shrimp paste.

Put the shrimp paste into a mediumbowl.

Combine shrimp paste with kosher salt, crushed peppercorns, mushroom seasoning, sugar.

Add a little oil into a sauce pan so the shrimp balls won't stick.

Mix the shrimp paste andseasonings.

Now make the shrimp balls.

Let the shrimp balls marinate for 20 minutes.

Now prepare the pumpkin.

Slice the kabocha squash in half and remove the seeds.

Removethe skin.

Slice into bite-size pieces.

Chop the shallot.

In a large pot on medium-heatadd vegetable oil.

Sauté chopped shallot, lightly sauté shrimp balls.

Add water, Add kabotha squash,add kosher salt, mushroom seasoning and crushed rock sugar.

Cook on medium-heat for 15 minutesor until kabocha is tender.

Garnish with green onion and cilantro.

And here you have deliciouspumpkin and shrimball soup-Canh Bí Đỏ Với Tôm Vo Viên.

We hope you enjoyed watchingour video.

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