How to Cook Fried Plantains: Jamaican Style

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Today i will show you how to fry plantains.

You will need the following ingredients youwill need plantains which is found in your fruits and vegetables section in your localgrocery store, some vegetable oil to fry the plantain.

If you look at my plantains you will see aslightly yellow color this is how you should buy it.

The green plantains are for chips but, sincei'm making fried plantains it has to have a yellow tint to it,soi'm going to use two plantains but since they are big i'm going to use one first i'm goingto cut the ends off you will cut the skin but not into the plantain then use both thumbsto seperate the skin from the plantain see how easy it is next we are going to cut it by placing the knifein a slant position and start cutting you want thin slices but not to thin and keepon cutting if you cut it very thick it will take longer to fry try to cut all the sliceseven and plantain is basically another form of banana except you have to cook it.

So i'mgoing to place this in a bowl did you see how much one banana gives you as you can seethe oil is starting to bubble that means the oil is ready.

Add them one by one fry until they are brown and you are going to flip them over.

use your spatula to move them around.

you can tell the other side is brown whenthe edges are slightly brown.

This the brown you want it to look like.

I'm going to place it on a paper towel todrain the excess oil and i'm going to start to remove the other pieces so that they don'tburn.

It is very easy and it does not take much and you only need two ingredients youcan eat it as a snack.

Repeat the same steps with the remaining bananas.

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