How To Cook Corn Pudding Coconut Sauce-Che Bap-Vietnamese Food Recipes

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Hi friends my name is Mai today we are cookinga delicious Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding called Chè Bắp.

For this delicious dessertyou will need, fresh yellow and white corn, water to cook the corn, tapioca flour, water,regular sugar, kosher salt, vanilla sugar.

For the coconut sauce you will need, coconutcream, regular sugar, kosher salt, water, tapioca flour, vanilla sugar.

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First remove the corn fromthe cob, if you don't fresh corn it is ok to use frozen corn.

Now we are going to cookour kernels of corn.

In a large pot bring the water to boil, add corn, when the cornbegins to boil add kosher salt, regular sugar, vanilla sugar, combine tapioca flour mixedwith water, add to corn.

The corn pudding should look like this.

In a small pot on medium-heatadd coconut cream, regular sugar, kosher salt, vanilla sugar, mix together.

Combine Tapiocaflour mixed with water, add to coconut cream.

When the sauce begins to boil remove fromheat.

Add toasted sesame seeds.

And here you have delicious Vietnamese Sweet Corn PuddingChè Bắp.

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