How to Care for Parrots : Feeding African Grays

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We're here to talk about what you should feedyour Grey parrot.

We'll touch also on some other of the parrot families.

But there ismany things that the parrots need and require.

And their food and nutrition is very important.

Feeding your parrot is very important, they have nutritional needs just like human beingsdo but depending on the type of bird you have their nutrition is varied some what.

Somebirds need more protein; other birds need more of curtain vitamins and so forth.

Andalmost all birds need the millet and the millet is essential, gives them a chance to pickat natural foods and in a natural way, to crack the seeds and so forth.

And it is goodas far as nutrition but it should not be the only food that they are given because it doesnot have all of the nutrition that they need.

I use pellets mainly because birds are likechildren.

They will go through and pick out the candy and leave all the vegetables.

Veterinarianshave figured this out and so therefore they have actually taken the seed hulls off, groundthe seeds up together and they get a very balanced diet.

This diet is the fruit flavoredsupreme diet.

There's also Hagen and Roudybush, and many others.

I like this one because itwhen you open the bag the flavor you can smell immediately and the birds just go nuts realquick.

Everybody wants to be fed first.

They love the food, they do well on the food andso that's the reason I use pellets.

But there is seed also given because their natural instinctis to crack seed and I try to keep some of that there.

I use probably 90% pellets and10% seed.

This is a seed, basically for Cockatiels.

These is set up for some Cockatiels that Ireceived that were not used to pellets, so we're introducing the pellets but as you cansee they got millet, they've got safflowers, sunflower seeds as well as the pellets.

Thisparticular set of food was formulated by Cab-birds.

Sam Cavanagh and Debbie Cavanagh know thenutrition of each bird, and make sure that the proper quantities of each kind of nutritionis included in that type of food.

Of course they do the parrot food, the budgie food,the canary and the finch as well as what they call the large bird fire which has a lot oflarge nuts in it.

This is just a small sample.

Birds need food that we eat.

They need alltypes of vegetables, they need fruit and the vegetables are peas, beans, of course corn.

I give them apples, pears, bananas.

And this food should be put in there cage and removedafter about two to three hours.

Anything that they do not eat needs to be taken out becauseit can become contaminated and be harmful to the birds.

But they do need the fresh fruitand fresh vegetables on a daily basis.

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