How To Bake Boston Cream Cupcakes-Dessert Food Recipes

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Hi friends my name is Mai today we are baking delicious boston cream filled cupcakes with a chocolate topping for this delicious recipe you will need a cupcake pan and liners, all-purpose flour eggs, vegetable oil, kosher salt, baking powder, whole milk, sugar and vanilla extract.

extract, for the custard filling you will need, whole milk, unsalted butter, sugar, egg yolks, egg yolks, and vanilla extract, for the chocolate ganache topping you will need, semi sweet chocolate chips, corn syrup, and heavy whipping cream.

First the cupcakes in a medium bowl combine all-purposeflour, baking powder, and kosher salt mix together, in a large mixing bowl combine eggs, whip the eggs on high speed until fluffy, reduce to low speed add sugar, vegetable oil, whole milk, vanilla extract, and flour mixture, do not over mix the batter, the batter should look like this light and fluffy.

Preheat the oven to 325degrees add two scoops of batter into the cupcake liners, bake the cupcakes 325 degrees for twenty minutes, Now for the custard filling, in a medium sauce pan combine corn starch, sugar, egg yolks, whole milk, mix together, on high heat bring to boil, stir the custard constantly once begin to boil add vanilla extract, remove from heat and addd butter.

the custard filling should look likethis: cover with plastic wrap and cool to room temperature.

Now for the ganache topping, In a small sauce pan combine heavy whipping cream, with semi sweet chocolate chips stir until melted.

and corn syrup.

on low heat continue to stir.

once the cupcakes have cooled slice in halfadd the custard filling.


now add the ganache topping.

and here you have delicious Boston Cream Filled Cupcakes with a Chocolate Ganache Topping we hope you enjoyed watching our video if you would like this delicious recipe please visit our website.