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hello guys, well come to my channel I'm filcofilms and today we will do something a bit 'different I decided to go back to the roots today to rediscover the Italian I have inside Now, just 'cause I've never lived in Italy, does not mean you are not Italian my parents are Italian, I grew up speaking Italian more Italian you can not separate the fact that I've never lived there then we say that.

more Italian you can.

but in a sense they are we'll find out, we'll find out, Why of course Buzzfeed has all the answers Throw and then we do this quiz, I will not waste any more time here we are guys, this is the real stuff.

Quiz: "How long have you REALLY Italian?" The quiz consists of a few questions a nice rest some questions, and I have to mark those that are true for me I think they are true ok let's start you know what cervical cervical is literally one of the worst things when with you, that is.

to me sometimes it happens Also my mom but to all Italians and it makes me afraid.

It is when your neck is kind.

very bad because you were in a certain position for too long ah, here you see, this is the cervical so not good.

and it's true, I do not understand 'cause no one else cares outside Italy English even has a word to describe it It would hurt the neck, but it is very different is cervical boys.

come on! you have been to a demonstration, no never actually.

and I can not remember what it was, 'cause there have never been you were part of a communist party, well that no but it was just to go to a party after, if I surely did what would have been the reason love the food, ok last one with that describes me love cooking, I love you cook When I cook, I really put us love eating, we must not be ok for this Italian everyone likes to eat You love to talk about food, you! Yes! If you meet me one day tell me about the food and we can be friends frankly, we can become best friends ami discuss food sincerely if I go to a good restaurant or a good bar and the food is good, I would leave a good review and give him 5 stars if it is not good, maybe I give him a review a bit 'lower love carbohydrates, very ok people think I'm weird for this but I really eat pasta every day for me is not a stereotype It is something that Italians do pizza, not every day, but if I could.

I eat it once a week I would say that I eat once every two weeks at least I also quite like vegetables, no.

I'm not the type who likes vegetables, excuse me Buzzfeed you are an amazing cook, I think of you honestly, I think I cook well cook entire meals since you 10 years, you! my sister is younger than me, and when he invited her friends at home and my parents were not home, I cooked crazy lunch for everyone and I cook! cook what you do better than any professional chef honestly, what I cook IO I do it better than a professional chef then I sign, but I'm not saying I cook everything better than a professional chef they do what they do, and they do it well do not make the pizza, go get a pizza.

you! you go to pick up a pizza not to make Pizza, DEVOTED TO I do it, it is what you do ' do not cook, go and eat I need to understand Sunday night, Sunday night is the best to go and take a nice pizza going out with friends with your pizza get us a beer, not wine ok.


Almost blasphemy if you drink wine with pizza so do not do it It is always the beer with the pizza the wine with the meat or the fish but never ordered wine with pizza and never drunk you, just a little 'tipsy ok "tipsy" is the Italian equivalent of "tipsy" in Italy we do not like drunk we like to be happy, a little 'shine we like to feel good and this is something that many Anglo-Saxon countries or even Northern Europe countries have not they often like to get drunk up to exaggeration and we get to be drunk, "brillo" This is a word you need to learn probably because you drink wine when you're in elementary school – you know, with the family honestly, there's always been the wine at the table from me But I never saw my parents drunk.

ever usually you drink to stay together, family make a healthy breakfast with a coffee and a croissant I would if I lived in Italy because only foreigners ordering espresso ok this is something you need to know in Italy.

if you go and orders un'espresso.


automatically a tourist if you want an espresso, you order a coffee, that's all.

you just have to say "coffee" and will bring you un'espresso why coffee means just what whatever, you need to specify: cappuccino, macchiato.

ok, and then they bring you what you want but a "coffee" is un'espresso.

no one says "expressed" in Italian and you know how you order the right coffee "Long double glass, without foam" ok not necessarily take what but I know the different types of coffee, and I know what to order when I go you and your friends regularly spoken of the benefits of coffee against those of cappuccino certainly, surely Coffee talk is talk about important things never put your sweat pants in public Never put sweatpants in public I do not understand people who do it! sweatpants they bring home, or when you go to the gym never put them to go to the gym, when you are in the gym Yes! Yes! why put them out ?! never put them out! you should not see anyone in overalls do not you have a pair of "mom jeans" Well, no.

even your mom has a few "mom jeans" My mom jeans them, but they are not really "mom jeans" call your mom every day certain that I call my mom every day three times a day.

ok I am not so extreme I do not have all the time in the world also because the conversations on the phone with my mom last a little ' you never had a babysitter, only the grandparents unfortunately he is having always lived outside Italy my grandparents did not.

ah right "grandparents" means grandparents my grandparents were not for.

you know.

keep up with me so I had babysitters you see them ever again, unfortunately not so it's not bad if your girlfriend / boyfriend is not available on Sundays they are usually too busy I Sundays, sorry because you're never here.

ah, right! you know when he is your name day you, May 3 if you seek you will know my name you have a bidet, you at home I have a bidet, and yes, I use cio'è.

I do not use it because I am used without so I can not report that do lectures in philosophy since you 14 years ah, I have never done the Italian schools so no and often those uses of Virgil, Dante, Foscolo or D'Annunzio talk again, no you can still recite the lessons you did in junior high on the Renaissance mmm.


the averages were the last time you were at the Sistine Chapel there have never been in the Sistine Chapel, I was at the Vatican not the Sistine Chapel He likes to recite the phrases totò I do not know.

You saw at least one "native to.

" ok these are.

"Xmas" is a series of films that we have in Italy coming out every christmas, like "Christmas in Rio" or "native to south africa" or something like that and every home, this group of actors that makes these films they go to a different place and make a film there but I can not explain, there is no equivalent in English I am sympathetic film, and usually a little 'dirty They are funny but ', it should look at least one watch San Remo, is a bit 'our' America's Got Talent " I think, like, we also cio'è "Italy's Got Talent" seems to me.

but San Remo is Italian, then, it is quite famous watch Master Chef Italy is a few episodes I watch it every now and then Take it as seriously as your own "favorite team" I do not give so much importance to Master Chef Italy, not as much as the "favorite team".

which it is pretty much your.

national football team so I can not score, but I love watching football and put emotion I remember when we won the World Cup in 2006 I cried, I was in tears I was literally crying like a baby because I was so happy.

when your team wins.

so many emotions, it is true when they lose, again, you.

Oh God, the Europeans.

When they were in 2010? when we lost against Spain that was a loss that hurt me or every time you watch them play.

yes, 100% I do not look the usual football, but when playing the national.

those are moments that really take you you complain of the government, but who does not complain of their government? you of parking laments there's never parking, so of course I complain you complain your neighbor and my neighbor is complaining about me, then you but would you say that you complain too much.

But I really do not complain too much I am usually a pretty positive person you waited in line, but from I live in england! but come on, this is the biding capital in a row so now you know you can just go ahead Well, in Italy is not a big deal, here you are angry but they are not really files, not in Italy laps on a scooter I've never driven a scooter.

And drive it wherever you like always ask the discount not always, it is not always acceptable and you give it.

Usually I ask me when they do discount, but just because it is a situation where you can ' Your doctor is the cousin of your mother really my doctor was in class with my mom come on, let's say that I can score your lawyer is the grandson of your father I'm not a lawyer then.


I do not know Your architect is a friend of your cousin my architect, which is the same that built the house of my parents in Italy It was my grandfather, so there is love bingo tombola is practically "bingo" but with the money.

it is "bingo" with money and I love it, I always played with my grandmother and I was winning a lot of money but when I lost the I hated so here, and you still play bingo when I can.

I love the game hugs, kisses, and touches all Well, this is a common thing.

When you meet someone from un'abbraccio in Italy they give two kisses and we touch very friends do it and it is not strange, people do it and of course you expect everyone embraces, pelvis, and even touch you Well you, you will not make him rude, you should reciprocate in fact, you do not trust anyone not entirely.

I would never say such things to none but we can talk about personal things with strangers on buses make conversation with strangers in Italy is quite normal especially if you live in a smaller town speak Italian, that you speak Italian! actually speak two languages, Italian and dialect Dunno, I do not speak the dialect indeed, talk to the three.

The Italian, dialect, and gestures.

No, I can not score You do not understand why the Americans want to live in Italy because you want to live in Italy Full-time? I've been away for that guys! do not go to live in Italy, maybe go on vacation you believe that Italy is the worst place in the world, ok in some aspects it is really there never transferred.

you believe that Italy is the most beautiful place in the world, ok it is though, because.

honestly we have ALL in Italy we have the good food, the beautiful people, the beautiful fashion we also have the most beautiful scenery in the world we have the mountains, the beaches, the hills we literally every biome in a small town and narrow and beautiful, it is the best country in the world it really is.

Well I can not say and be politically correct at the same time but it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I really believe.

you know that nothing works, in fact, nothing works in Italy literally nothing works as it should, but that's the beauty but you have a solution for everything, of course! Why learn to live with these things I know that my bus be late, so I wake up an hour earlier in order not to miss the plane and you are really Italian? Yes, 100%.

My parents are both Italian they were born and raised there, I was born but not raised the.

but I have all the rest then we see my results 60 out of 82, that is, I expected better "Are you Italian as he is a Christian, holding the rosary Sunday afternoon" Well, it seems a pretty Italian description "You know what to eat, how to dress, and when it's time to call your mom.

" "Just add one little 'humor' I hope you enjoyed this quiz, maybe I'll make more because they are fun this me have felt close I felt it, I loved it thank you a lot for watching videos my name is filcofilms leave me a comment and let me know if you like my videos and let me also "like" would appreciate it and of course subscribe, see you at the next video good day to all!.

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