Hong Kong Street Food Hopping with Debbie Wong! Best Street Food Experience!

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All the while filming, and eating along the way! So check this out It’s Trevor James And today I’m in Hong Kong With the one and only Debbie Wong She has an awesome youtube channel Debbie Wong’s Wok and Gong You’ve gotta check it out Today we are hungry And we are going to go for a walk What’s the deal? Yeah! OK! Trevor James, Welcome to my home town I took you to the central district today Because it’s really the centre of everything Everything is going on and there is a lot of local food So let’s check it out Debbie Wong brought me through the local markets of downtown Hong Kong She brought me to a local workers lunch in a back alley Now that’s what I’m talking about I just got brisket and fish ball Oh, OK! What do we have here today? I got you a beef innards soup noodle Wow Because I know you like to keep it local What do you have? Beef brisket with fishballs That looks tender Debbie, I like what you chose here for me Oh wow, that’s like a cow lung Wow! Intestines You’ve got it all here And that smell is amazing Real nice! Real flavourful but clean and clear I almost taste a little tomato flavour in there I think yours has a bit of that in the broth actually This guy is from Chengdu, so he knows spice Yes The mixed organ noodles are the bomb It’s like a deep intense mixed organ flavour You can taste all of those nutrients mixed throughout And it’s really nice and clean at the same time That’s a tender fishball This is not an actual fishes ball Just so you guys know It’s like a meatball, made with fish Yeah! Ok so Trevor James I’m calling you by full name, is that OK? That’s cool We are on a full name basis here Debbie Wong I thought I would take you dai pai dong hopping So we are kind of going from stall to stall So we are having a classic breakfast if you will Even though it’s not breakfast right now It’s our first meal of the day So it’s our breakfast We have congee We have deep fried Chinese doughnuts And we have cheong fen Which are rolled rice noodles Covered in soy sauce And hoi sin And chill sauce It’s a very starchy meal It’s very carby We have fiih coming We have fish coming! Yeah So we are keeping it balanced What you’re seeing here Is called a dai pai dong Very typical of old Hong Kong A lot of these stalls have closed down over the years This is one of the few that are still standing And as you can see It’s super local and super lively With cheap and delicious food Nice flavour right? That preserved egg has a….

Musk! It’s like earthy! It’s earthy! There you go! So you just rip off a piece And you just dip it Dip it into the zhou And that!! It’s like soup crackers That’s exactly what it is Wow, thank you! So we have a steamed fish here This is wanyu And it is a beautiful meaty and flaky white fish Look at that cut Oh it’s just bursting with juice Yeah We have soy sauce Green onions and ginger For that nice freshness That is fresh! That is just dripping with juice The fish has a really unique natural flavour It’s fishy I’m not going to lie It’s fishy, but it’s fresh, it doesn’t have a stink Wow this is an amazing meal Debbie This is a great spot All this food This fish is mind blowing and juicy Yes it is isn’t it? Definitely check out Debbie Wong’s awesome channel I’ve put an annotation up Give it a click And subscribe to her channel as well Thank you for showing me that meal today Debbie My pleasure Trevor James That was awesome Please leave us a comment down below Click that like button And subscribe as well Thanks again, let’s go I’m kind of a global citizen I was born in Hong Kong Raised in Canada And spent the last 10 years Between Montreal, Shanghai, and New York City.