Homemade Vietnamese Crab Thick Rice Noodle Soup

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Prepare 5 blue swimming crabs ( chopped into half ) Scoop everything from the crab shell Pour the oil into the hot pan Add sliced shallot until golden brown Add the juice from crab shell, stir until cooked Pour the oil into the hot pan Add sliced shallot Add 1 tbsp annatto powder Add crab, then stir until cooked Cook 1 kg pork neck bone into 2 litters water for 1.

5 hour Skim all scum off Add onion and 1 tsp salt Add 3 tbsp pork powder Add 2 tbsp fish sauce Add 1 tbsp sugar Add cooked the juice from crab shell Add cooked crabs Add mixed 3 tbsp corn flour with 200 ml into hot stock Stir it until slightly thickened Skim all scum off Add cooked Homemade thick tapioca noodles ( Video is available on Foodloverchannel) Add boiled eggs Garnish Vietnamese mint and sliced chilles Sprinkle some black pepper Thank you for watching my video Stay tuned for more food video right here on Foodloverchannel.

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