Homemade Baby Food Recipes : How to Serve Homemade Baby Food

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Hi, this is Shanis Windland on behalf of ExpertVillage.

In our video series on how to make your own baby food this is how to serve thebaby food that you have been working so hard to make.

So the first thing we do is we getthe baby food from the freezer or from the fridge.

If it's frozen baby food it maybea little hard to get out of the containers so what I usually do since I have lids onthe food I come over to the sink and I just put it on real hot water.

Run it over thebottom and that helps break up the cubes so that they are a little bit easier to get outof the container.

So with your frozen food or with your food from the refrigerator whatyou do is it's already cold so you just add a little bit of boiling water to the coolrefrigerated food.

You mix that up with a spoon and that makes it a really wonderfulconsistency for your baby.