Homemade Baby Food Recipes : How to Make Vegetable Puree Baby Food

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Hi! This is Shanis Winland on behalf of ExpertVillage.

And in our video series of making your own baby food, we are going to talk toyou today about how to make vegetables for your baby.

I'd like to start with a reallysimple vegetable, squash.

And I've already washed this vegetable really well, so makesure you do that before you use anything to make your baby food.

This first thing I do,and this is pretty easy to do, I just cut the corners off the squash.

Then cut it upinto small pieces.

When your first starting out making baby food, eventually everythingyou make is going to be turned into a puree for your baby.

The smaller the pieces, thefaster it cooks for you.

And I'm a busy working mother, so I like to cut them up as smallas possible to make my prep time for my baby food really quick.

Now you can cook lots ofdifferent vegetables this way, you can do broccoli, you can do cauliflower, you cando carrots.

If you want to do something like potatoes you would do it a little bit differently,and we have a separate video on that.

So all you do is, I have a pot that has a steamerinside of it, I add my vegetables into the steamer and then I add some water to the pot.

Now you only need enough water just to cover the bottom of the pot and the steamer.

Andthen just simply put it on the stove, and let it start boiling, and add the lid to it.

Bring it to a boil and let those vegetables get really soft.

It should be pretty quickfor squash because it's already a soft vegetable.

So we'll come and check on that in a minute.

So as you can see our vegetables are steaming up really nicely here and the way I like tocheck if they are done is I just use a fork and see if it is really easy to mash the vegetablesinside.

They are, so I think we are going to take them off the stove, and get them readyto store.

Once you take the vegetables off the stove, you just simply take them out ofthe pan and add them to your food processor or blender.

Gotta get all the good chunksin there.

Now the one thing to remember about baby food is you want to use some of the waterthat you cooked your vegetables in to store or mix in with the vegetables themselves becausewhen you cook them, you cook some of the nutrients into the water, so you need to add that backin when your are making your food.

And you don't need to add anything to your baby food,baby has a wonderful taste palate and doesn't need the extra salts or spices.