Homemade Baby Food Recipes : How to Make Tofu Baby Food

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Hi this Shanis Windland, on behalf of ExpertVillage, and in our video series on how to make your own baby food.

I thought it wouldbe great to talk about how to incorporate tofu into your baby food diet.

Tofu I thinka lot of people are scared to use, not sure quite what to do with it, how to cook it,what kind to buy.

But for babies it is actually really simple, and since you are making yourown baby food it is wonderful to incorporate tofu into that food.

Baby will eat it andnot even realize their eating a really great protein for them.

So, the kind that I buyis actually silken tofu and it will say right on the package that it is best for soups saucesand smoothies.

You can just incorporate this right in to the baby food that you have alreadymade.

The first thing you have got to do is cut open the package.

I like to make justa little slice, and get some of the extra water out of it.

The silken tofu there isnot as much extra water as there would be in the harder tofu, because it is alreadypretty mushy as you can see.

So what I do is add the tofu right to my food processor,and not too much.

Tofu still has a taste to it, so you don't want to overwhelm baby withto much tofu to start with, see how they like it.

Then I have some berries that I made previously,and I am going to add that right in.

Put the lid on.

Mix it up.