Homemade Baby Food Recipes : Homemade Finger Foods for Babies

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Hi, this is Shanis Windland on behalf of ExpertVillage and in our video series on making your own baby food, I'm going to talk a littlebit about making baby some finger foods.

You want to get your baby starting to eat fingerfoods as fast as possible.

You'll find that they love trying to feed themselves and althoughit makes a mess, it's a, it gives you a chance to eat and they really have a lot of fun withit.

So this is just a couple of ideas for some finger foods for babies.

I think oneof the classics is just regular toasty o's for your baby.

I like to just put a coupleon his tray and as he gets more finger dexterity, he's able to pick them up a little bit easierbut it's really cute to try to watch him eat cheerios.

And then also, I made this way backtoast and it's in a nice, perfect size, smaller babies can't really grab with their thumband forefinger that well so they can kind of hold this in their hand like this and munchon it and they love that while they're teething as well.

I also like to keep cheese sticksaround.

These are really easy to just open up and just pick off a couple of pieces forbaby to munch.

Apple is another good one.

You would think you want to have really smallslices of apples for your baby but actually, if you make them a little bit bigger, likemaybe about the size of this toast, it makes it a little bit easier for baby to grab ontoand they're pretty good at chewing off little pieces that they can actually swallow.

Andone of my favorite finger foods, and this is actually how my son started feeding himselfis this wonderful net contraption that somebody invented and this is really great becauseI like to get frozen fruit and you simply just take the frozen fruit and smash it intothis net and it's great because there's a lot of different kinds of frozen fruit thatthey can't eat just by themselves like blueberries, when they're really small, they can easilychoke on them.