Homemade Baby Food Recipes : Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes

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Hi, this is Shanis Windland on behalf of ExpertVillage.

And today in our video series on learning how to make your own baby food, we'regoing to start with some really easy foods that you can make without even doing any cooking.

The first and easiest things to do are avocados and bananas and I'm also going to talk aboutsome fun recipes you can use with these two items.

So really the only thing you need hereis a really ripe avocado and a really ripe banana.

Then you just have to start by peelingthem and getting to the inside good stuff.

So you start by cutting the avocado and removingthe pit and then adding it to a bowl, peeling the peel off of it and then what I like todo is just add a little bit of water to the bowl, that makes it a little bit easier tomash your avocado.

You may be wondering if you need to be adding formula or breast milkto this kind of food and you certainly can but if you're still breast feeding or formulafeeding, it's really not necessary for you to pump extra breast milk just to add to yourbaby food.

They're really getting most of the nutrients that they have straight fromyou.

So all I'm doing is mashing this avocado up with a fork and making it into a nice easyconsistency for a baby to make.

It takes a little bit longer this way.

You could usea food processor or a blender and it would probably go a little bit faster but it's nottoo difficult just to mash it up yourself.

The other thing you can do with this kindof food is you can just add in some baby cereal.

I'm going to show you a little bit later howto make your own or you can just add some store bought baby cereal into this.

So youcan see that I have a nice mushy consistency to my avocados and I think your child willlove eating avocados.

My son, one of his favorite foods, one of the first things we fed him.

And then again with bananas, we do the exact same thing, just simply peel the banana, prettysimple.

Add it to the bowl, this is a really ripe banana so it makes it really easy.

Adda tiny bit of water to it and just mash it up.