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MUSIC Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Sophisticated K! Today I'm making a really quick salad, but the thing is because I'm in England and it's cold, I'm gonna warm it up a little bit.

Not too much to kill the nutrients, vitamins and minerals but just enough so that it is slightly warm and it will still fill my stomach and benefit my overall health.

So, you saw me chop up all the ingredients.

I will put a list of each ingredient and their full benefits in the description box, below the video.

So that you can check them out and understand what their good for.

But to be really quick, I'm going to just put them all in:- So first and foremost, Spinach, and then Broccoli; one of my absolute favourites from I was a child.

And then fine green beans, I've got Beetroot, Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic and Avocado.

Right, so I put a little bit of oil in the frying pan, or the wok.

Just so it doesn't stick.

And I'm going toad some all purpose seasoning, just a little bit to bring out the flavours of each vegetable.

And then some liquid seasoning, just a little bit of that too.

Just mix them all up I've got it on a low heat, but I'm going to put the lid on, just so it can steam and infuse all of the flavours.

Alright, so that's been steaming for about 5 minutes now.

I can hear it sizzling! And because I don't want it to be too hot, I am going to dish it out.

Make sure you get enough of each item.

And then at least you have some left for later.

Alright, so I did all of this to show you that you can use as many ingredients as you like and create a healthy salad.

It can be cold, but it can also be slightly warm just to maybe warm you up because in England it is cold at the moment But, be healthy, be experimental, just create new things and enjoy a healthy lunch or dinner.

Now, make sure you let me know if you like this recipe.

It is a really quick salad, but aside from that.

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Share with friends and family! And comment! Have a good day where ever you are and thank you so much for watching!.