Healthy Chinese Food Shopping SK

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That ones black up.

This one looks good.

It's a good colour.

Purple sweet potato! This! So what is this? That's ummm Aubergine! Really?!? Not in my book its not.

Yeah, Aubergine! Long.

That's the purple sweet potato.

Pomegranate! Did she want Pomegranate? Pomegranate is supposed to be good for something.

Oh my gosh Lychees! Didn't she give you a list? No! She just gave it to you breddrin! This is humungous! Ugggh! MUSIC Goji berries? No, Logan berries! I don't know what that is.


Cantaloupe is mango! Lemon, Melon.

Melon, yeah, I always call it mango! Look Kayisha.

Can you believe.

Wooooooooooooooi!!! Beans sprouts breddrin! Pepper What is this? This is black pepper! Pomelo Sorry! MUSIC Thank you for watching! Like, subscribe, share and comment, And have a good day wherever you are!.