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Happy: today's episode of Two Plus Two.

Bbmokja: experience with Indonesian food.

Bbmokja and Happy: Sonny is da ~ Happy: Who are you?! Sonny Da is: My name is Sonny Da.

Sonny Da is: I'm an artist and beauty on YouTube.

Sonny Da is: I make a lot of videos which relate to beauty and everyday life.

Sonny Da are: and you can Taatvkaddoa own channels to watch more.

Bbmokja: and they did not put cosmetic products today! Sonny Da is: That's right! I did not have time this morning! Bbmokja: hehehehe.

Sonny Da is: I am firmly luggage this morning.

Bbmokja: Ah, okay.

Sonny Da is: And you brought to the program.

Happy: No, she did not bother us, and for Vidyohatna, and you dear viewers.

Happy: And she did not try to appear in this video up! Sonny Da is: this is not true.

Happy: Hahaha.

Bbmokja: If, today will try some of the Indonesian foods, right? Sonny Da is: Yes.

Bbmokja: So, now we are in a complex food?! Sonny Da is: Yes, and named: Jay buck.

Bbmokja: and they have many menus all over the place.

Sonny Da is: Yes.

Bbmokja: As you can see in the back, there are many lists of feeding.

Bbmokja: So, Sonny will choose us some of the dishes.

Happy: Ah! Bbmokja: that is not going to tell us that the will had been selected.

Sonny Da is: I really wonder now.

Happy: to see how it will become.

Sonny Da is: it is the fish soup dish months in Bali.

Sonny Da is: So let's try this! Sonny Da is: I want to ask for ice Tillar dish.

Sonny Da is: Can I get Soto days dish, please? Sonny Da is: Can I get a beef dish Rawon please? Sellers: Of course! Sonny Da is: Well, this dish is my favorite.

Sonny Da is: this claim: Goo jack, and the Goo Jack means Indonesian authority.

Sonny Da is: I think I'll ask this dish and this dish.

Sonny Da are: Mi days and is considered a dish of the most famous dishes in Indonesia.

Sonny Da are: Some students like to eat this dish.

Sonny Da is: you and I eat a lot when I was in high.

Sonny Da is: So, will try this dish.

Sonny Da is: this dish and it.

Sonny Da are: Lisse have this dish! Sonny Da is: I want a dish Nasi Jurien Seltat Berr and tofu.

Site A: any table? Site B: From what country you are? Sonny: from Korea! Happy: Oh.

my God! Bbmokja: This.

Happy: There is a lot of food here! Bbmokja: What.

what do we have here, Sonny? Sonny Da is: This dish is called: Kyowa Ben Dang.

Happy: Kyowa bin Why?! Sonny: Kyowa Ben Dang.

Bbmokja and Happy: Kyowa Ben Dang! Sonny Da is: this is true.

Sonny Da are: Ruojak Kyowa Ben Dang.

Happy: What?! Sonny Da are: Ruojak.

Bbmokja and Happy: Ruojak.

Sonny Da are: Kyowa.

Bbmkja and Happy: Kyowa.

Sonny Da are: Ben Dang.

Bbmokja and Happy: Ben Dang.

Sonny Da is: This dish is called: Ruojak Kajang.

Bbmokja and Happy: Ruojak Kajang.

Sonny Da are: claims and this dish: Mi days.

Bbmokja g Happy: Mi days.

Bbmokja: Mi days.

Sonny Da are: chicken soup.

Sonny Da are: Mai mean: Noodles and days means: chickens.

Sonny Da is: can you put in the soup to the dish.

Happy: Oooh! Bbmokja: Oooh! Sonny Da is: If you do not want the soup, you can eat them alone.

Bbmokja: Aha! Sonny Da are: Personally, I eat them alone.

Sonny Da is: This really is one of the traditional dishes in Indonesia.

Sonny Da is: very traditional and named: Soto days.

Happy: Soto days! Sonny Da are: chicken soup! Well Bbmokja.

Happy: chicken soup!.

Sonny Da are: chicken soup with noodles.

Sonny Da are: and this is the dish of the most favorite dishes in Indonesia.

Happy: Oowooh! Bbmokja: Well! What is this dish?! Sonny Da is: This dish is salty fried tofu with peppers.

Bbmokja: Well! Happy: This seems Kotamh CDs, because I know that the Chinese food they have this too.

Sonny Da is: Yes! Sonny Da is: As this dish is here Jurama sup.

Happy: SUP Jurama! Sonny Da is: If Jurama is a type of fish in Indonesia.

Sonny Da is: This dish is very famous, and they are Bhoyaha, or fried.

Sonny Da are: and this fish soup is also very famous in Indonesia.

Bbmokja: Well! Sonny Da is: This dish is here called: SA won.

Bbmokja: Well! Sonny Da is: is the meat and soup.

Happy: meat soup! Sonny Da is: Yes! Sonny Da is: this dish there latter claimed: Nasi Jorn.

Sonny Da is: I'm sure that many of you have heard this before.

Sonny Da is: it is, in fact, from Indonesia.

Sonny Da is: Now we can start to power first.

Bbmokja: Well! Happy: Of course! Bbmokja and Happy: Let's start with power now.

Ruojak Kyowa bin Jang.

Happy: Roe Ruoja.

?! Happy: Kyowa Ben Dang.

Sonny Da are: Ruojak Kyowa Ben Dang.

Happy: Kyowa my dang.

Happy: What is this?! Bbmokja: Is there a special way to eat this?! Happy: Is this the kind of vegetables?! Sonny Da is: This Mango salty.

Happy: Ooooh! Bbmokja: What?! Sonny Da is: I do not know if you have Jbkm dish or not.

Happy: Ah ~ Happy: I'm so hot! Bbmokja: Ooooh! Sonny Da are: Hahaha.

Sonny Da is: do not?! Hehehehe.

Bbmokja: we need a drink! Happy: Oh my God! Bbmokja: What is this?! Sonny Da are: soda Lamera.

Bbmokja: And what do you mean?! Happy: What do you mean?! Sonny Da is: It's.

Bbmokja: Olash drink hot?! Sonny Da is: No, it's called: Happy soda.

Happy: Happy soda! it's mine.

Sonny Da is: Yes! Sonny Da is: it contains milk Center, and soda, and some of the other ingredients.

Bbmokja: it looks to the structure! Sonny Ja is: That's right.

look for structure.

Happy: It Lisse good too! Sonny Da are: Ohhahaha! Happy: I'm very sorry! We're disappointed in the Indonesian foods.

Happy: I will not eat this! Bbmokja: This is extremely hot! Bbmokja: This is not for me! Happy: This is not for me, too.

Sonny Da is: Okay.

Ruojak Kajang.

Bbmokja: This sounds similar but peanuts! is not it ? Sonny Da is: That's right.

Bbmokja: Does this mean it is hot too?! Sonny Da is: It Lisse like hot dish that we've had.

Happy: It is much better! Happy: Oh! What is that ?! Is it an option? Sonny Da are: cucumber, and papaya fruit.

Bbmokja: This dish is best.

Happy: Yes, yes.

Sonny Da is: this is called: Ruojak Kajang.

Happy: Ruojak.

Sonny Da are: Kajang.

Bbmokja and Happy: Kajang.

Bbmokja: Well.

Happy: I will not complain if a request for this dish to me.

Happy: But, I will not Atalboh myself.

Mi days.

Sonny Da is: this is called: Mi days.

Bbmokja and Happy: Mi days.

Sonny Da is: It's chicken soup.

Happy: chicken soup.

Sonny Da are: to try this dry first.

Sonny Da are: and then will.

Happy: Qmwa what I said.

Happy and Sonny Da are: Hahahaha.

Sonny: What.

?! Happy: This may not say.

Bbmokja: Well! For try.

Happy: We must Nkhalth, right? Sonny Da are: Akhaltha! Sonny Da is: Oh my God! Happy: a blast! Happy: I think we need to put the soup.

Bbmokja: I expected so that does not interfere! Happy: Do you like spaghetti? Sonny Da are: 1.


Bbmokja: Wait! Sonny Da are: 1, 2, 3.

Happy: Oommm! Happy: Oh Sonny! Happy: Hehehehe.

Happy: Oh Sonny! Bbmokja: Finally! Happy: This dish is very tasty! Bbmokja: Finally, something delicious! Sonny Da are: delicious, is not it? Happy: This dish is absolutely delicious! Happy: It's now time soup.

Sonny Da is: Put a little of it! Bbmokja: put all! Happy: It looks like chicken rice! Bbmokja: But Noodles! Sonny Da are: 1, 2, 3.

Bbmokja: Here is a! Happy: This is.

Sonny know what you do.

Happy: Sonny does not care about anything.

Bbmokja: The flavor is awesome! Bbmokja: I love this! Happy: Ooooh! Bbmokja: I love this! Bbmokja: I want some of this.

Happy: But this is.

Happy: What do you want in the dish? Sonny: I do not.

Happy: In Nkhbk! Sonny: hehehehe! Happy: Oooh.

this Lisse good! Happy: This is a very delicious! Bbmokja: No chicken here.

Happy: This is the way, which will judge the extent of the taste of this dish.

Bbmokja: by the number of dishes that Snoklha.

Happy: From hasty things.

Happy: I have dealt with Sonny Gdaiha while we did not eat anything before the start of the video.

Sonny Da are: oops! Sonny Da are: The Happy ending dish.

Sonny Da is: This is Mei days remember this dish.


Bbmokja: And what is this? Happy: meat soup?! Sonny Da is: this meat soup.

Bbmokja: Oooh! Sonny Da are: claims and Rawon.

Happy: Rawon! Happy: This easy name they had learned! Happy: Rawon.

Bbmokja: Rawon.

Happy: Oooh! No meat here! Happy: lots of meat! Bbmokja: no meat in this dish! Oww! Bbmokja: will Otdhugah without rice.

Bbmokja: Oh my God! Bbmokja: I loved it.

Sonny Da is: Yes! Happy: The taste is very hot! Happy: It facilitates very hot, but its taste is warm.

Sonny Da are: such as spices.

Bbmokja: herbaceous taste.

Happy: This is true herbal taste.

Sonny Da is: a lot of people love this dish.

Sonny Da are: But Lesa know why I do not like.

Bbmokja: There is a chicken! Chicken pieces.

Happy: Maybe the chicken skin.

Bbmokja: to Nejrebh with sauce.

Bbmokja: we will try all the combinations.

Sonny Da are: All fixtures are very good.

Sonny Da is: This is amazing! Sonny Da is: because some of my friends who are Lisse from Indonesia.

Sonny Da is: They do not like this dish.

Bbmokja: I loved it.

Happy: But taste very salty, too.

Sonny Da is: Yes, very salty.

Happy: It is very salty, so you must eat with rice.

Bbmokja: I loved it so much! Soto days.

Happy: Today we have good luck with noodles.

Sonny Da is: This dish is called: Soto days.

Sonny Da are: Sign mixing only.

Happy: I will start eating some of the noodles and chicken are some of the.

Happy: Ooooh! Sonny Da is: with the soup.

Happy: It seems that Sonny had been waiting for.

Sonny Da are: Hahaha.

Happy: With expectations on the face.

Bbmokja: this is very difficult! Happy: Bbmokja does not like to eat hard foods.

Bbmokja: I do not like to make an effort on my food.

Happy: hip hip hip.

Bbmokja: And what about you? Happy: Well 3, 2, 1.

Happy: Um! Bbmokja: you were waiting.

Happy: Oooh.

I loved it, but Mai best days of this dish.

Happy: They are different.

Happy: This seems fresh not salty.

Bbmokja: squint to make something here! Happy: Oh my God! Sonny Da are: delicious is not it? Happy: But I love the noodles and soup.

Sons da are: AHA! for this reason.

Happy: Sonny is supposed to be a man, but they do not want us to put food in our mouth.

Sonny Da is: That's why I Oracbhma closely.

Bbmokja: Try this.

just try it and by.

Sonny Da are: Ohahaha! Happy: It's hot! Bbmokja: Well Sonny Da is: Okay.

Jurama fish soup.

Happy: If this is another dish fish soup.

Sonny Da is: This dish is called: soup Aljorama.

Happy: soup Aljorama.

Sonny Da is: this kind of fish in Indonesia.

Sonny Da is: I Lisse sure what its name in English.

Bbmokja: I do not love it! Happy: I just took a piece and look fresh for you! Bbmokja: has a large bone! Happy: Oooh! Bbmokja: hehehehe.

Sonny Da are: hehehehe.

Bbmokja: Aifterd me to eat this part? Sonny Da is: Yes.

Sonny Da are: 1, 2, 3.

Come with us! Sonny Da is: Um! Happy: I loved it! Sonny Da is: I loved it! Happy: But Bbmokja not.

Ooooh! Bbmokja: If I did not find the bones to be eaten.

Happy: Do Thabay bones? Bbmokja: No! Sonny Da is: do not.

Happy: Sonny Do you like bones? Sonny Da are: hehehehe.

Happy: Well.

Sonny Da is: Okay.

Happy: This is very good.

Sonny Da is: Yes.

Tofu salty fried pepper.

Bbmokja: Okay.

Sonny Da is: This dish is fried tofu marinade pepper.

Bbmokja: Tell Lisse anymore.

Happy: This seems to me a very delicious! Happy: That's what I expect in particular.

Happy: Very tasty.

Happy: but very salty.

Bbmokja: Yes! Sonny Da is: better to eat with rice.

Happy: I think it would be delicious.

Sonny Da is: I love him because he is soft on the inside and crispy outside.

Sonny Da is: It seems salty I think.

Happy: It's like salty things in her mouth.

Happy: Yeah, I is not know if it was worth! Sonny Da is: I is not know.

Happy: The taste is not bad, but Lisse something special I would rather ask.

Happy: Otvhmun I mean? Sonny Da is: Yes, it's true.

Bbmokja: Yes.

Nasi goreng.

Happy: Behold, we have reached the best dish.

Bbmokja: And now.

Happy: This is the nasi goreng.

Sonny Da is: That's right.

Sonny Da are: fried rice.

Happy: Is this cutting thickness or chicken pieces?! Sonny Da are: chicken pieces.

Happy: Chicken! Bbmokja: Djaaaaj! Sonny Da are: 1, 2, 3.

Sonny Da is: It is the usual traditional Indonesian dish.

Happy: Indonesian fried rice.

Sonny Da is: Yes, Indonesian fried rice.

Happy: It facilitates good for me.

Sonny Da is: I have dealt with many times before.

Sonny Da are: Lisse but I am a person who likes fried rice, so I do not I eat.

Happy: I am not well.

Happy: I can understand people.

Happy: If you love fried rice, this dish suitable for you.

Happy: It's a little wet from the other rice dishes.

Happy: Some Chinese fried rice is dry and filled with oil.

Happy: But when you look at the bottom of the dish, there is a lot of oil Balbth.

Happy: Do you taste delicious? Happy: Look at the expressions on his face! Happy: We have talked for a long time-consuming, but did not utter a single word yet.

Happy: It's just.

Happy: Delicious?! Happy and Sonny Da is: Okay.


Tillar S.


Bbmokja: as sweetener.

Sonny Da is: Yes.

Happy: as sweetener.

Happy: And finally, the time has come sweetener.

Bbmokja: What do we have? Sonny Da is: We feed Tillar and is a mixture of fruits and Alboudan.

Sonny Da is: Do you know the fruit that resemble pearls.

Bbmokja: Aha! Such as pearl.

Sonny Da is: Yes! Happy: Yes! Sonny Da is: There is a lot of that.

Bbmokja: like in Alpabl T.

Sonny Da are: no avocado, grapefruit Jack.

You love Elgak provided is not it? Happy: I really liked the grapefruit-Jack.

Sonny Da is: Yes.

Bbmokja: Yes.

Sonny Da are: and this seems a bit similar, but frozen fruit with ice cream.

Happy and Sonny Da are: S.


Bbmokja and Happy: S Cayong.

Bbmokja: S Cayong.

Sonny Da are: S.


Bbmokja: S Tillar! Happy: S Tillar.

Happy: It looks really good.

Sonny Da is: Yes.

Happy: S Tillarrrrrrr.

Bbmokja: S Tillar.

Bbmokja: If.

Happy: Oooh: There are a lot of flavors! Sonny Da is: Yes! Bbmokja: Is it important that Oklnaha counting fruit? Sonny Da is: There coconut inside.

Bbmokja: The taste like Koccl avocado fruit.

Happy: This tastes like muddy water! Sonny Da is: Are you serious?! Bbmokja: water mud! Bbmokja: The taste is not so! Sonny Da is: I am opposed to this! Bbmokja: I did not disagree at all.

Happy: I do not think to ask this on my own.

Bbmokja: To request Alecoqtl.

Happy: To request Alecoqtl.

Sonny Da is: Yes, to request Alecoqtl.

Happy: S Cayong.

Sonny Da is: Yes.

Bbmokja: S Cayong.

Happy: It seems as.

Bbmokja: as the name.

Happy: It seems as the name of Bob Ironing teams.

Bbmokja and Happy: Cayong.

Sonny Da are: Cayong hehehehe! Sonny Da are: Oooh! There is also snow! Happy: like dish: Baab between Sue! Sonny Da are: such as door between Su.

Happy: It's only a fruit with ice and snow! Is that all? Sonny Da is: Um! Okhkhkhkh I was brain freeze! Sonny Da are: Aaaaah ~ Sonny Da is: It's simply.

the door between Suu Indonesian.

Happy: Yes! Sonny Da is: Do Tuaqona on it, guys? Bbmokja: Yes! Happy: No! Bbmokja: Well! Happy: any of the dishes which was quite a favorite for you? Bbmokja: Allorz was fried or meat soup.

Happy: Can you tell the name of the dish? Bbmokja: No, I do not remember their names! Happy: meat soup called Balrawon, and the other was claiming Bnasa Goering.

Bbmokja: I liked Monday.

Happy: If you liked.

Alrawon dish and nasi goreng! Bbmokja: Yes! Happy: If Ostttat choose two dishes, will be: to Aiams! Sonny Da are: The two Aiams Hehehehe! Happy: The two Aiams, so Mai Aiams and Swori Aiams Sonny Da are: Soto Aiams.

Happy: Soto Aiams.

Bbmokja: Mma Anki Sonny? Sonny Da is: For me, I will chose Mi days.

Sonny Da is: because they have a favorite dish.

Sonny Da is: And I also love Rojak.

Sonny Da are: and ye did you love.

Happy: Yes, the dish power.

Sonny Da is: Yes! Happy: What was that dish Sonny? Bbmokja: No, that was the taste of the sauce is very bad.

Happy: This proves that we can not be friends.

Bbmokja: It was a bad start.

Bbmokja: It's the first and last time we cooperate in them.

Happy: Hehehehe! Happy: Thank you very much to watch this episode of Tu Tu Plus.

Happy: If you think that any of the Indonesian food was fantastic.

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