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Germany number two Germany my I think that means number to keep it are no German China saying Germany number team alright guysand welcome back I'm like fired Germany is one mine mavor favor Abraham down country every time I find more and more Germany startedgetting excited because I'm closer to make another video so here weare and hello to everyone that see my other video Gailey me so manycomment and give me some good feedback thank you guys so much you guys are so where you going to just sell 9 offers Ihave been he'll little cookie Molly sell thesecookies India normal sized packages but these were also afterregister when I was checking out emerges so cute together just so manycheer bad I will have a tidy a lot of thatamount of picking up I noticed the United line %uh I'm cookies /url on a gingerbread stop is in a lot of your products athome is just like a seasonal thing or in all our products are like Pat and Ithink with these are thought she could be and then on hot dayhow like was little grainy and that theBombay have Tahoe I'm just describing what I feel rightnow now I'm I am NOT times before and hope you do it then how you're going there freakin kinky be on top like this whileclear glaze now the bottom hell so that's fine withme patents in its would have to say anything inEnglish yeah I'm cookies hours he doubled my favorite Iprefer gingerbread spice cookies to be she wepassed my favorite texture I would give these cookiesfour-and-a-half billion had next fight on these look like cookie mesee if I can do bright and then have a Joan healing and hope to have a whitecreamy filling and more core talk lying on herchocolate coating on the outside I know what the gingerbread is I can'timagine what the jailing the Prix Galien I just don't know what creepily yes I'llI'm sad about back collect I these are heightened 100 better out all like chocolate don't let me down haha me thank you polygraph young hi can shirt dark cell try one of these guys should should loveCupid chocolate cake like the cookie whatever ready I just not go you know what I sawice now dark chocolate 19 now yeah brutality Heidi get does boulders key players monthly while really good dark chocolate because theso darn hot black Barbie dark chocolate labor but it perfect runthis will not allow another one a bit after and then have the gingerbread cookie at the bottom but Joleon in thein price her fat and I still know that greenonions they are delicious you're not we don'tjust like I'm telling you that the sweetness that is in the cookie anda Jones filling in the White Mountains being balanced out by dark chocolate notour truck with a little bit better just perfect boundary wall sweetnessfrom all the other I'm cell guys these are delicious even aroundprogram I would give these guys four-and-a-halfneed look how adorable in packaging righthere he are the European do not miniature test another thinks I'm notthat the reason i picked up the package b-side the obvious it made in Germany Imade it down video I love the package Jalan BukitTimah probably just like the basic two colors on their and so that I coulddo that how I'm pretty sure I know what host a fightI've never had like administered her that I am reading hahalike coffee or something right every button has spread on top okaywithout open them up packaging Pokemon high and I'm bakkemoney implied including check and not how unlawful pollution hard twinkling huge thank you Lord like too little worlds Obama you're ready to slide imposed for you I carry these some cue helping me get know anything plucky seems like the first Mon ha it lookedlike a only know what people in jail in threadon the like cream cheese a reason he likes life pieces of cheese maybe talahl I'm not only talking about how corruptold clobbered on okay I'm hoping it tasteslike butter wouldn't that be awesome my son a little piece of our home doesn't tastelike nothing go hoped hope on upper back after this they're supersuper toasty Journal bread and they don't pay foranything and if you don't need to put something on them I would recommend a movie have some cashfor it or something the European cheese to put on top but do you thinkyou might think really don't pay for anything I would give these guys two-and-a-halfvideo had I haven't done ke andhere far are country Apple crash sparkling jus I love love lot produce and I'm lovesparkling water have seventy percent brash squeeze apple juice and 30 percent mineral waterand do need to shape this I love and justnow have an explosive my hand because is carbonated so I thinkI don't explode because I should have but doesn't don'teat from time she apple juice now you know okay some other a hallway mom more learned very very funny Apple's now little awarded for axle andprint it out porous I'm good laws are holding out answer here's my Mariana I'm through the car me I'm this is notcurrently is just mineral water I'll are not the wholethinking okay mineral water not yeah you know considering the seventy percentalgiers know I really care very faint very light Apple SMA home area if I stick my only in back and I can sell it okay reading nothing Obama it could you know I'm in in americaeverything is very very sleek cell are jeans very sweet I'm thinghasn't shared as it in me but I don't get a lot of 3 skill I detainees the on mineral waterin there 19k be happen to you but it's not likeweek apertures like I was expecting moral just the natural apple juice it's actually gonna ninety percent saidI will probably be finishing just that has not too sweet I would get this guy three-and-a-half baby and had this is connects I am an Indian my har the most requested I am I had key lactation class from Germany and from what I understand they're verypopular there and these look like nugget from have men let me describe the picture foryou guys cell it looks like the chocolate killingwith like care now car on the bottom and then hazelnuts in there somewhere hard all among Cambridge game new behind derive income had to thisstar is your rehab in Germany for this because all hope he'll look like littleNokia Playacar how old or more in Palm Cantina hmm cue in her doing party like Park to breaking hugh in the local tray me people special believe one how Julia Julia their stuff work so they're like lookups yeah like look up there at thebottom half to death haha part then there's chocolate in themiddle tenders luanne you probably can't see their littlepieces are he's on a there in the middle me who will read I'll re with me there's a whole there'sa whole hazelnut in there here so they could they the lookup the top ofthe company hey who manned the field today actually claims that he will not there then theyfilled it with chocolate my god this crap these drugs the drugs might get hooked on the stuff chocolate dislike me good talking about the top 10like really up sticky and Kandahar keep not like just a screenie as thechocolate and little crunch in the mail from thehazelnut it her action mom with a special treat these are justas good did you guys remember back when I get the Buka taste test video and I talked abouta little care Mel competing these are right up there withbells these are axle and on getting here 5 giving head to these guys pick some up promise youwon't regret battle the for today thank you so somuch for staying in here with me you made only tobe in the video camera pans up salon now but you are amazing at a youth that in there with me give the video on thatso I know you made your way to the end alright guys I will see you next timedon't forget she really is with your friend subscribe to the channel surround youget news video every single week when I put it out there thank you guys so much you guys areamazing and don't forget in the comedy thing I'lllet me know which country you want me to do that of the next week mom.

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