Garlic Naan recipe (raw vegan) Gluten-free, wheat-free, by Cara Brotman

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The garlic bread healthier Hello Let me show you how to make garlic bread quickly and easily.

Okay, here we have the ingredients.

Everything is finely chopped.

Parsley, garlic, white onion, pepper, sea salt, thyme and olive oil.

And our main ingredient is coconut pulp.

You can buy and get coconut pulp or get separated and coconut pulp.

We put about two cups in a blender.

Two tablespoons of water.

In the book says coconut water, but do not want it to be too sweet so I'll use ordinary water.

And we have three quarters of a cup of onion.

The blender will undo, so we throw in there.

You always have to use the plunger.

Blend until smooth.

Yes, everything is perfectly liquefied.

Now take a sheet of dehydrator and we can put a little oil.

Very good.

And then pour the dough on this sheet.

And then with a spatula it will spread a little and then we'll put the rest of the ingredients.

First a little olive oil.

Sprinkle it with a little oil.

And then our onions, garlic.

Just throw him in this way.



Sea salt.


Look how beautiful it looks.

Then we will put this below.

This will be in the dehydrator for about two hours and then we'll turn and leave about two and half hours to three hours.

It does not contain flour, wheat, sugar, dairy, no animal products.

It is not warmed up until his death.

It is simply beautiful and heated to be inflated and very similar to bread without containing the bad things that brings things to eat wheat and gluten.

The garlic bread recipe is on page 26 Beautiful new cooking book "Love on a Plate" written by Markus and Cara.

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