Frozen Vegetable Thai Curry without chopping anything!

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– Hello, today on Bachelor on a Budget, we are making something super simple but some exotic flavors.

We are making a frozenvegetable Thai curry without needing to chop anything.

This is gonna save so much time because we are using afrozen stir-fry medley.

I got a Costco variety, here, and it has like eightdifferent ingredients, broccoli, sugar snappea, green bean, carrots, yellow carrots, mushroom, red pepper, water chestnut, and onion.

Now, if you don't havethings like onion and ginger or garlic in there, you can also add those for some extra flavors or somefresh vegetables, as well.

But frozen vegetables canbe an awesome quick solution and they are actually quite nutritious.

I have a full video on frozen vegetables that you can check outin the card, right here.

There is a lot of great reasonsto eat frozen vegetables, because they are harvested when they're at their peak ripeness.

They don't sit in your grocery store and transport for three weeks.

So, don't be afraid touse frozen vegetables and this recipe is perfect for using them.

So, let's get started.

(soft chiming music)(pan sizzling) We'll start by turningyour stove on on high heat.

We want to do this to keepour vegetables nice and crisp and cook this fast.

We're gonna start with abouttwo tablespoons of coconut oil.

I prefer this but you can use another type of vegetable oil.

I am using a Mae Ploy red curry paste, but you can use any brand.

You can find this atyour local Asian grocer or in the internationalsection at your grocery store.

(pan sizzling) Two tablespoons of red curry paste.

Mix that around, don't let that burn.

(pan sizzling) And right away, we want about 500 grams of frozen vegetables.

(pan steaming) Mix that all around.

Make sure everything's evenly distributed, and we're gonna add onecan of coconut milk, 400 milliliters, and we'll bring that to a boil.

Okay, that's reached a boil so you can turn that off the heat, and you can serve thatwith some rice or quinoa, (soft whimsical music) and garnish with some cilantro,or some red Thai basil.

That is my favorite with curry but I don't have any right now, and wa-la.

To season, we can use abit of salt or fish sauce.

This adds a great flavor.

(light whimsical music) Come on guys, this tooklike ten minutes to make.

This has got to be one of the most simple and quick meals withoutneeding to cut anything.

Now you might need to pick up some of these special ingredients,like the red curry paste, but this will last you and makeyou a ton of awesome meals.

So, I highly recommend it.

I tried to keep it as simple as possible, so give this a shot and, yeah, feel free to experiment with it after, once you got the reins.

I want to give this a taste.

It's perfect.

Make sure you season it.

You might need some fish sauce.

I prefer fish sauce over salt, but the fish sauce adds a nice, awesome like tangy, sharp flavor.

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