Fried Chicken Cutlets Chinese Restaurant Style

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already chef buck here and today we're gonna make a delicious chicken dish I'm gonna call it Chinese chicken because it's based on recipes I've eaten in Chinese restaurants usually I order find this kinda dish at a cheap Chinese restaurant it's basically rice and lettuce with a chicken cutlet on it topped with a nice peanut sauce.

super simple, satisfying, and delicious dish.

buy one get one free chicken breast, I can't pass up on that deal this recipe is ideal for white meat, but you can use dark now we're gonna slice our chicken breasts into halfs use a really sharp knife cut the chicken into manageable sizes and season it up I'm just using a little bit of salt and pepper pepper, but use whatever seasoning you like but simple is good, and the peanut sauce will be quite powerful the sauce will have a lot of flavor and we're gonna add crushed peanuts and green onion as well now we'll coat our chicken with a basic flour and egg breading you can add breadcrumbs to the coating as well, but it's not necessary first thing, coat your chicken in flour.

And then coat it in the egg wash then back into the flour, or breadcrumbs if you like.

this is a very basic breading now I'm gonna heat my oil just use enough oil for your cutlets to lay in, and make sure the oil is hot before adding the chicken you want the chicken to start cooking the moment it hits the pan, otherwise It'll soak up the oil and be greasy but you don't want the skillet so hot that it cooks too fast and burns before the chicken is cooked through so about medium to medium-high heat, but go on the side of medium.

you want it to start frying and seal in that crust and flavor so about 4 minutes on each side, but watch the color adjust the heat according to the oil, and size of chicken it won't take long, so keep your eye out.

after 3 or 4 minutes go ahead and carefully turn the chicken with a pair of tongs I like baking chicken more than frying–frying is such a mess–but to acheive that chinese restaurant taste, you really gotta fry.

when done, remove the chicken and let drain on a paper towel nice and golden brown.

muy perfecto! now we'll add a little cooked white rice on a plate and top it with crisp, sliced lettuce I'm using a nice green leaf lettuce, but use whatever you like.

my favorite part is the sauce–I like lots of it! this sauce is easy to make.

i'm using a natural peanut natural peanut butter it'snaturally oily and it doesn't have too many bad things in it for heat I'm adding chili garlic sauce I like a lot cause I like it hot (but it's optional) add ingredients until you reach the taste and consistency you desire peanut sauce doesn't have to be fancy or complicated that's all there is to it i'll drizzle sauce on my lettuce and rice now I'll slice my chicken and add it to the top frying chicken is a mess, but it tastes great in this dish I don't know the official name of this dish, but I call it Chinese chicken.

top the slice chicken on the lettuce and rice Look how beautiful! add more sauce if you like I'm adding crushed peanuts topping with green onions.

This just like a tasty Chinese dish I used to order out seems like it needs a bit more color I'll add some tomatoes for color (carrot strings are a good idea, too) what a beautiful dish! fried chicken is such a mess, but sometimes it's worth it.