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This is Bob Marley here, 'nuff respect goingout to FoodTube.

Me and Bob are gonna be making Jamaican GingerCake.

Your Nan loves it, little kids love it, everybody loves it, it's fantastic.

Youcan have it with butter, ice cream, or just on its own as a little cake.


Itis such a great little dessert and its all the way from the Caribbean to rainy old Englandso let's brighten up our day, shall we?! So, we've got some Golden Syrup.

Now 125gis what you need.


Now I'm gonna put it all in first then I'm gonna put iton a heat ok? So it's probably 3 of these big old spoons.

I mean it is very, very naughty,which is not a bad thing because it's a dessert and you deserve it.

Treacle! This stuff is lethal.

Look at that! Wow! I wouldn't lick the spoon because you'llprobably pass out.

Ha ha it's really sweet! A bit of Rum.

60ml of dark Rum.

Now we'vegot some sugar! Dark brown sugar.

You can use a bit of Demerara if you like.

So popthat in.

It just makes it really sort of a caramelly sort of flavour going on, rather than justusing normal caster sugar, ok.

50ml of water in there.

Unsalted butter, 125g,get that in there.

And I'm just gonna turn that on now.

Now, while that's melting you've got enough time to chop up your stemmed ginger.

It'sin a lovely syrup so it's really sweet, so we're doing a dessert so it really does work.

You can buy it in the supermarket like this already.

Roughly chop it because you wantthose little bits of ginger in there.

You don't want it to disappear completely.

In with the old stemmed ginger.

Now that's ticking away nicely, you don't wanna boilit.

We only want this to tick away until the butter has melted and all the ingredientshave come together.

Have a little taste.

Aww that's marvellous! Honestly, it' so good!Our cake or our bread needs to rise to the occasion so we need a bit of bicarbonate ofsoda, 3/4 of a tsp there.

I'll just pour that in there now.

Alright, lovely.

Flour, I'vesieved out 250g of the lovely plain flour.

Now we're gonna add our spices.

We've gota tsp of ginger in there, half a tsp of all spices.

That is the actual spice of Jamaica.

I've got half a tsp of nutmeg and 1 and a half of cinnamon.

Alright, so in you go.

Obviouslytry and distribute it around.

Mix it together.

If you can find a smaller spoon, do so.

Whatam I doing?! Get a big one, why not! Beautiful! Now I'm just gonna crack 2 eggsand whisk them up ok because the yolks are gonna add that nice richness and the whitesgonna help it rise up.

Give it a whisky whisky, ok.

We're gonna addthis lovely, naughty mixture into our eggs ok.

But you gotta do a little bit at a timebecause you don't want to scramble the eggs, do you know what I'm saying?! Once a littlebit's gone in there it sort of brings the temperature down.

I'm just gonna whisk itup a little bit, make sure it all comes together.

Now we mix this into our flour.

Make sureyou really do give it a good old whisk because you don't want any lumps in there.

You cansee bubbles moving there.

That's the bicarb.

Can you see it working?!Delicious! That is it.

All we have to do now is bake it.

So I'vegot this nice little loaf tin over here.

A little bit of butter inside and some greaseproofpaper, that's it.

Now make sure your oven is preheated to 170°C.

Let's introduce thisinto the tin now.

Here we go.

Wow! Give it a little knock like that, make surethe bubbles have gone out and it's distributed nicely in the tin.

So there we go.

That goesinto an oven at 170°C for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

An hour and fifteen minutes has passed! What Jamaicing? Ginger cake.


Let's see if it's ready.

Boom, straight in the middle.

Now this, should, in theory comeout nice and clear.

Spot on every time.

Look at that.


If it's got a bit of gooon it whack it back in for another 5-10 minutes.

Yummy! I've had this on a cooling rack forhalf an hour now.

Beautiful! Look at that little baby there.

You can see lovely, stickytreacle in there.

What better accompany than a nice bit of vanilla ice-cream.

Look at that!Praline, oooh yeah! What's that? He prefers it with butter, Ilike it with ice-cream.

Guys, go for it.

Mmm really works with that ice-cream.

Wooo, that'slovely! Yep alright, in a minute.

Guys give it a go, you have to! If you haven'ttried it before, please do it.

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