Food Review: Cooking chinese hot pot at home

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Jamie what are you doing? This is 1 variation of the sichuan hotpot sometimes they use gas and in here we've got tofu and cuttlefish balls and it looks like.

sashimi? the crab stuff the red and white crab stuff mmm so it just sits in there.

Did you putchicken powder in ? just sits there and it cooks and itkeeps on cooking the entire time the entire meal, and you get this.

which is just lamb and it's reallythinly sliced lamb and you just chuck it in there I think we got it we have somevegetables in there yes yeah so we've got some.

lettuce in here with carrots and this is hotpot,this is unique to sichuan province in China China which one province which one whatI want that's panda territory that quite often put chilis in the hotpot you know loads of chilies that the hotchilies the ones that fucking burn! those kinds of chilies I can't bear the ones that burn we don't do those ones here at home yes I chuck the lamb in there andjust for a short time and not a lot of flavor but you dip it in some ofthis light kind of the chili powder sauce add a bit of flavor and a good thingthat is because it's a hot pot and you just keep on going and keep mycooking and never gets cold like what we know in western countries where the food gets cold everything becomes cold yeah again.

in the restaurant they will have this setup, the cooker connects electrically underneath the table or the way aheating element building at the table or will be like a a gas cookerso this is a hot pot subscribe – -.