Food Allergies & Vietnam Travel: How to Plan for a Healthy Trip

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Having food allergies can be challengingbut don't let it stop you from traveling and exploring Vietnam.

With a littlepreparation and planning you will be able to enjoy your trip.

Selecting allergy-friendly food in your home country may be easy but navigatingthe Vietnamese menu can be a minefield of unexpected ingredients.

So preparesome translation cards that you can take with you everywhere you go.

In Vietnam you will have a tough time avoiding nutsand fish.

Many restaurants and food stalls in Vietnam use peanut oil incooking and crushed peanuts can sneak into everything from salad or soupgarnish.

Many Vietnamese people may have never heard of nut or fish allergies before and may not believe that such allergies exist or can belife-threatening so they may not understand that youcannot even eat something that can be cooked in the same pan as a nut dish orthey think if they pick the nut out then you still can eat the dish therefore make sure you make it clear inyour translation cards that you have a fatal allergy to nuts.

If you eat nuts orany food that have been cooked with them or touched them, you will need immediatemedical attention Keep in mind that getting medicationsyou need for your food allergies on foreign soil is not always as simple asit sounds, so consult your doctor and stock up all the medications you needand keep them with you at all times when you're in Vietnam make sure that your medications are keptin a cool environment because of the heat and high humidity it's important that these medications arein a place where they won't go bad locate hospitals in places where you'retravelling in Vietnam and carry a map indicating the hospitals that canadminister the right kind of treatment for food allergies.

Cooking your own foodwhile traveling in Vietnam is also a good way to deal with food allergies.

Food shopping is also a great way to experience local culture and you will beable to buy your own food staples use google translator to decodeingredients on food labels or ask a local for help if he or she speaksEnglish well.

Stay at hostels or hotels that you can have access to kitchenfacilities so you can have full control over whatyou eat.

At CnC Hostel, we provide you with a self-catering andfully equipped kitchen which is open 24/7 If you need any helpwith making translation cards our english-speaking team will be morethan happy to give you a hand.


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