First Italian Cuisine in the World Week: Luncheon at the Italian Consul’s Residence

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We're here at the Consul's residence in Malibu with chefs Cristina Bowerman and Antonio Murè of Glass/Romeo and Ado Barrique, their respective restaurants The first course we are going to eat is.

Risotto with grana padano, grapes, and 'vincotto'[cooked wine] Anyone could have prepared a traditional risotto Probably that's what somebody, or everybody was expecting I am trying to communicate that Italian cuisine isn't just the traditional cuisine – which is so good, amazing, and perfectly executed – but there's also a new cuisine, a modern trend It is a modern Italian cuisine Next, we are going to serve fontina-filled ravioli in a truffle butter sauce then, paccheri with tomato sauce and veal shank Today we're hosting the luncheon for the first "Italian Cuisine in the World" Week using all DOP products [i.


protected designation of origin] and most of all products from the area of Italy hit by the earthquake to show our solidarity and also to support economically the area affected by the quake a few months ago We're promoting Italian cuisine, authentic Italian cuisine to counteract the "Italian sounding" phenomenon and food frauds which greatly damage Italy's reputation and exports but first and foremost hurt consumers Buon appetito! the residence.

come on! you see, we're having fun.

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