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baby take the Philippines welcome backto the taste this today we have the Philippines again and I have somedelicious things that I always get right into it first thing I'd rather be in thepicture but it says rice crackers special reliever normal are you scared I'm scared tried it has the best picture ever a tough cookie dough and then I'll beoutside in like this are leaky kind of powder it delicious not to proceed just her I am beside thecolumn that kinda scared me when I first opened it I'm gonna get these done bymaybe next time he did this and festival that doesn't make sense inmy head that's a weird look sweet peas andpeanut what the hill what I like most peanut butter has all kinds of stuff in here there'slike 10 sleepy little chips and peanut this combination will likely not with mysweet piece on them apprised of room to keep me a really really crunchy and theyall my god prize will be time would be they have agreat evening on the outside the fruits vegetables or so and then they lookreally nice everybody combination of everything better than here is justperfection all work well together I'm gonna give these guys five maybe morelater on and.

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