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snacks from the Philippine their room it might three years after they looklike they're cheap like readership in the United safety hazardChile inch he corn chips round Philippine little regard squirrel you look just like 30 kid like three and you guys gonna shading night at the bad I'm decline barbecuechips but this is Chile and cheese maybe they wanna Messina would gerth line credo now Chile not like iron with your trap ninth lees are freedom chase the texter labor everything about these guys areidentical to the frito chips here in the US they're delicious I'm down case chiliand he I just case like this but nothing not really chilly not really cheese theyjust taste like peaches me like a brutal like that made it isbelieved to be like Frito pie right the freedom I have chili do youwant no so I would give these guys quarter-billion I am Number kidnap be's are if you crackers in last time we had this and also saidcrackers but they think cookies to me that maybe theyare Packers or strawberry cream feelsandwiches crackers nap on a lot laughter K punch and cookies connelly my factory he did it they do you look like theupside down under the bed package lonely now I am she said rate strappy Reese now United look at they are you're not picking that weird who can a luxury cream filling cracker you never had that before tea Julianacookies but grab wine children come out right feeling kinda used at first onebut you can see there it a cracker and inside is filled withthick creamy filling I now strawberry cream demand they look dual the she'll lose yeah that would take the better in acookie menus to sweet stuff in between peakRackers make creamy filling the smell a bit pacemaker really nice strawberry kindalabor but it taste beary artificially paid can her me that word today I'm gonnagive these guys key in hand more feature internet yeah cornet these are hot garlic love garlic can it will be looking foryummy hi to so let's see if these are gonna knock my socks off skilleconomic only the route do that really good oh my god really really hard p.


snowon the thing spicy became do they really like I thought they'd be like render thinkhe's even that like Luther it may be expected them to be like he expected them to be kinda like renders is you know Iexpected I couldn't picture like red Perth despite here too high but they're not rent in real life they'rejust like regular color there's no seasoning oranything on the outside I'll like straight up girly which I'm a so let's give it a try good oh what a home and love them they have avery slight frankly kinda labor to embody complete they should say ninety percent garlic 10 percent huh all their delicious youguys are into carnegie prime sir garlic reverts to I'm recommend these guys they're really goodthere very lightweight and cranky the cornet here in the US forkinda very crunchy happy that makes sent these are not there very lightweight sowhen you chew them it's like pretty much here I'll the texture isgreat garlic flavor is bright on the moneyaxle and I'm gonna give these guys by billion had Gillard re here me in llama now I have pasted while in the path but I thought I wouldgive because she's nectar quadri from the bill cool rainy and a shot so I'll the Philippinebrand have a lot of different products are we looking for those wealthy have to stay tuned initiate this is not carbonated I did miss he did now 100 percent finest quality okay I'm usually reallygood because got no money I just hate good now yeah yes ma'am okay readier me I get a very faint go on earth now not too strong just retarded theirwill put it into my I land colored look at them love that color the that'snot cute earnest now while in this mel is theirs is very think is not as strong as I would expectfrom the nectar the what in there it is not just cues is it it only 35 percent use what and disappointment there are otherthings in there because I can take down case weird he has food coloring and what that's adisappointment I really thought this was going to beand maintain not from concentrate while good use but it is not he said it's not like thereal thing I'm gonna get this guy cutie and headall these chips we have another chip literature the popcorn porn on comin inhot down here that's what I think this is didn't have any green I mean presses corn coconut oil garlic spicy flavor involved that's what I hope your watching from the Philippines have regained the lead at leastpopulated clear find out my life care cleared girl least nine just like these guys garlic locker allan park is left that dark year in okay to let me share a day you can seethat I don't think old popping out popping and that alright let me show you your in your look weird the scorn hopes to you werethey porn hardcore hot they kinda look like cornpop these popcorn worries corn pop one so first impression day look like Corn Pops and then brokena into that a little pieces number onenumber two they smell like garlic they don't fight he when I pay themtheir kind of creepy claim they've beensinging wheeler something is says on theircoconut oil maybe too much coconut oil her do not like like theother ones were cranky I don't know these set in the oil forwine absorbed similar army I'm really needs to be good I'm gonna give these guys key your hand alright guys and that is it for thePhilippines thank you so much for watching I love you guys so much I appreciateyour support PPG given the video a thumbs upeverything behind and sharing it a friend do not forget to hit thatsubscribe button down be lovely you can see my next video next week leave me a comment what country do youwant to do next out the next time by Italy line.

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