Fat Pork Belly Sandwich and Other Italian Specialities Tried in London. Street Food

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these are all original italian ingredients? that you buy yourself in Italy and you importyourself yes, from small producersfor example what is the one that you are cuttingat the moment I am cutting the capocollo is the neck of the pork cured for 8 monthsthe peculiarity of this product is the animal is free range and the go back to the old recipeold ingredients so they basically do not use any preservativesand only salt garlicand black pepper so what you have here is capocollo in steadthe other one that is vert rich and very bigwafer thin looks great this one is called "porchetta"it is the roast belly pork also we start from the raw materialbecause the pork is free range it has grown up in a free range environmentthis one is the belly of thee pork stuffed with pork liver, garlic, onions, black pepper,rosemary and it is cooked in the oven for seven hoursthey are from Italy, they are cooked in Italy, and they send them to us vacuum packed,the capocollo is to be cut wafer thin really thinyeah basically, is is going to melt in your mouthyou can see the colour, and also this white part is the good fat the healthy one, andin Italian is called "marezzatura" when haven't got this kind of things hereit means that the animal was not healthy so you must have those white linesalso on the Parma ham what is the great cheese that you are having? this one we have got is Parmigiano Reggianoit si from a "red cow" basically, the particularity of this Parmesanand the other one is the "red cow" a cow originally from Emiliathey are going to use to work in the land in the pastthey make less milk but very rich in proteinso that is a special Parmigiano coming from a special cowexactly there are only 3000 cowsand also this " red cow" makes 10 litres of milk a dayso that is a special Parmesan from a special cowexactly and also the colour is more yellowand these white things you see here is the calciumcrystals of calcium it is very richthese cows they produce a very rich milk very high in proteins and nutrientsand only 10 litres a day and if you can imagine to make whole wheelof cheese you need 700 litres so 70 days of cow milk for a wheel of thatParmesan generally speaking Italian prefer the "porchetta"panini very simple, porchetta and bread, that is itonce we are in London many times we have different customers andthey have different needs different tastes from Italiansso generally speaking I prepare panini with some vegetablesspecially I out tomatoes and lettuce in this case only tomato,and then I slice it is hand cutI slice with a knife not a cutting machine exactly, with a big knife because we haveto cut Italian porchetta in a decent way and then I stuff the panini with enough porchettato make the customer happy because the aim is to make them happyand to make them come back we can tell you for sure that when they trythen they come back definitely because as Italian I can say thatthis porchetta is one of the best I have ever tried in my lifethe producer is from Umbriaonce the panini is ready we use onion sauceit is home made and all the customers always come backthis is very natural product made with plenty of onionslittle bit of tomato extra virgin olive oil in good quantityand little bit of chili peppers it is mildly strongand then it goes and it is heated obviously because of the low temperature weare having in London in November, DecemberI would suggest to heat it my mouth cannot accept cold foodI really don't like it this cheese is called "cimbro"it was born by mistake "cimbro" is asmall village in North of Italyclose to Austria.

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