Fancy Food Molding | All Nigerian Recipes

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Hello! Here's how to make those molded meals yousee everywhere these days.

If kids can make sand castles at the beach, you too can mold your rice and other mealsthe same way.

It's so easyyyy! You can get many different shapes using thecooking utensils you already have at home.

I'll be using Jollof Rice for this demo.

Scoop the rice into the mold like this.

Press it down very well so that it is compact.

This technique is the same for all other meals: Fried Rice, Semolina Fufu, Pounded Yam, Beans.

name it! When full, gently remove the shape and tah-dah! The same technique applies to every othershape.

Remember, press down till compact else, everything will come tumbling down like ahouse of cards when you remove the mold.

But when it comes to using a bowl or any containerthat is only open on one end, it becomes a bit tricky.

For this one, scoop the rice, making it compactas usual.

Then cover with the serving plate and turnupside down.

Patch the imperfect parts and clean up.

That's it! Now go and wow somebody! As a bonus, here's a multi-storey mold.