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Hi good morning all.

Today we were at a restaurant called Noodle Abang Adek.

This is a special restaurant for noodles in Indonesia.

And they say it has the hottest noodles in Indonesia? Yes And here we are with two other YouTubers of channel Go Spot.

It means go eat.

Correct? Go eating.

So we here to eat.

By going eat.

I would like to thank you who have merekemendasikan to us to eat There are a lot of you, thank you very much.

What we have here, Sarah what you ordered? So my message 75 noodles with chili and I did not think to spend it all.

I do not know, maybe just one scoop.

Good 75 chilli noodles crazy ya name.

You order? 100 Noodles with chili, spicy dead.

Okay, hopefully we can spend it all.

How about you, what you ordered? Crazy spicy just like Sarah.

And Seth also her message spicy crazy.

Noodles spicy crazy.

I do not think the message I do not get to spend it all.

I ordered a spicy dead man, right? Whether it's the translation? Spicy dead.

100 chili in here.

So this is actually a video challenge and regulations in this challenge is We can not drink anything and we had to spend it all.

And if we drink We fail If we can not finish our fail So I guess that last win.

Last man or woman.

It was not possible for me.

Can prayer.

Okay so we are ready to Sarah.

You are ready? Well let's get started.

I would cut my eggs first.

I have.

You cut your eggs.


The first mouthful.

I think we need to roll so it did not hit our lips.

We may eat the eggs along with the noodles? Yes.

You can eat everything.

The first mouthful.

The first, ready? How? This is good.

It was tasty, spicy.

This spicy at all.

Spicy but tasty.

Seth began to eat.

You start a little red.

You are ready for the same with the table now? So spiciness indomienya not taste.

Cabenya more tasteless than indomienya seasoning.

What do you think Sarah? It's spicy.


This is actually tasty but spicy.



So Now it feels a little spicy in the stomach.

You are nice, have eaten a lot.

A little sweat.

Accidentally quick meal.

I'll be drinking.

I will not be able to spend it without drinking.





Spicy? Yes illness.

Seth once your face red.

My heart hurt.

Already out of tears.

Seth you're running low.

I am not strong.

Got could.

Why do you do so? so mienya off.

Cut the plate.

Already exhausted all.

Not me.


Martin dined with chili-cabainya.

So who won? Either you're done and it was spicy yet.

How is everything? I failed.

You failed.

This plate Sarah.

Ouch Sarah.

I received no nothing.

I've tried, How to you guys, spicy all? It's very spicy.

Very spicy.

Seth how about you? Oh sorry, please.

It is okay? Seth how do you think? It was spicy yet.

My lips are still spiciness.

I now feel better still sweat a little But this is good, this is my dish.



My plate.

How much does it cost? oh no price.

You know the price? Do not know yet, alright We do not know the price of this.

But I would include the location of this place in the description of this video so you can try and see if you could be like this dish.

Once your message spicy noodles mampus yes.

Mampus spicy noodles, both of you.

It was the highest.

And also do not forget to subscribe to their channel.

Tell your channel.

Channel we are Go Spot.

Do not forget to subscribe yes.

Go eating.

Link to the channel they are in the description of this video so you can check.

They've got three videos.

It will be their 4th video.

And for them to have 100 subscribers.


Good guys, as soon subscribe to their channel.

Once you subscribe to a channel they are in the description, said I've subscrine Go Spot.

Both of you that video today, have a nice day beautiful.

and Keep Smiling :).

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