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Son my name Sigar.

And this is the Epic Eat Out.

I do not have to mess about food.

Because if lo eat like a boss, lo also have to pay like a boss.

Welcome to Chinatown.

I'm more at Fook Yew, Pacific Place.

Lo Chinatown can see here the atmosphere really.

First I just wonder why they still give me a menu.

Lo know right my style.

Lo know it if I do not mess around if about eating.

Keluarin here all his food.

Gue there's clay, there it is.

I cobain which was yes? Gue banget tuh colored person.

So I want to eat the food of the most colorful deh.

It tuh name is Xiao Long Bao.

I will start eating white color first.

I kept cocol to the sauce.

Didalemnya tuh same chicken broth there are still anget so.

Lo has to eat all let ga squirt-squirt so.

For lo who do not know, Xiao Long Bao the contents Chinese dumpling soup.

Didalem continue its contents earlier tuh chicken.

I'll try another.

Earlier tuh Sichuan Xiao Long Bao.

It feels more pedes than previously.

Anyway still tasty deh.

Well now that the colors stay nih.

It tuh Tom Yum Xiao Long Bao.

I do not understand why she deh campurin taste of Thailand in Chinese food.

But bodo hell, I just ate.

Tom Yum taste her tuh really is fixed.

It's like Tom Yum soup so cuy.

I would cobain Xiao Long Bao is purple.

The same white onion flavor of the chicken fits really so.

Now a green same item.

I'm going to eat that item because I used to be half black.

Yup, I can rasain crabs so.

The combination of the same chicken crab riches tuh aja kok.

The combination of the same chicken cheese ??? The combination of chicken and cheese tuh balance, so awful! Continuing on to other foods.

It tuh stir fried beef.

It was sweet and sour.

And is there a birdhouse so.

Lo can see there are chili dryness.

Come on edible wrote.

So this tuh her sweet and sour meat tender.

I can rasain there ladanya.

Cabenya make these foods more fresh kerasa so.

Meat sour sweetness really suitable for each meal eaten later, The Olive Fried Rice.

I would cobain fried rice cooked use olive oil.

Lo can rasain its olive oil so.

I think it is healthier than other fried rice.

It's also no flour fried enoki so.

Cuy is awful! Fried rice is delicious crazy tuh! Awful side dish eaten with meat or vegetables so.

This cor really big cuy.

It tuh Sheng Jian Bao Chicken and Prawn.

I say if I had to tear her first Bao, let her soup out.

But bodo so ah, I want to eat all wrote.

If this meal lo, lo must be prepared at the soup is melt-melting cuy! I do not have to eat it all.

This food tuh too big for my mouth.

Lo can Serves a blend of chicken and shrimp.

Its texture is so soft tuh.

I still love ya.

Lo can add the soy sauce, also slightly creamy texture.

And the shrimp flavor tuh out really.

Liat deh full contents really.

Tebel dough really cuy.

So really hard before I abisinnya.

Here there is tofu so.

If diliat-clay well so there are eggs.

I think this tuh made of 3 different eggs.

Lo know right bentukannya tofu how tuh kayak.

Let's eat.

I would cobain existing pitannya eggs.

I taste this food hell tuh type of salty foods.

Because these foods are salty, I think the same would be good to eat porridge so.

But this tuh so soft, so easy to make edible.

It tuh name is Hong Kong Seafood Fried Noodle.

Anyway this tuh fried noodles that there sefoodnya betcha.

I think this if this meal can be successful deh lo.

Because there are eggs.

Today I eat so many eggs yes.

Lo can see no toge her.

My favorite.

Engga with.

Mienya not tebel.

Its texture is soft and slightly chewy.

Lo can rasain the salty soy sauce seafood fit together.

Her crunchy beansprouts so.

I had already rasain white, now I want cobain that item.

I think it would be meat.

Taunya peanut butter! This severe delicious anyway! Sweet and the texture of jam really so.

Lo also can rasain peanuts so.

I know a little bit about Chinese Food.

Tuh kayak gini amanya Cheong Fun.

Sprinkle the sauce.

Go Hiong tuh Chinese-style sausage in the dressing use some kind of nut so.

Dalemnya soft.

Usually can dinikmatin so wrote, but is wrapped at Cheong Fun is in the same leather wrap dumplings.

Calm quiet.

I've started to clay dumpling everywhere.

It tuh Kung Bao! Her shrimp Kung Bao tuh awful.

Lo can rasain sweet and sour so.

Tuh sweet sauce on the shrimp.

Kayak me, I fresh and sweet, right? It tuh not just any bread.

In tuh name Mantaou bread.

Shrimp eat the same bread mantaou match.

I would abisin shrimp.

It's what? I can see no cilantro leaves.

Continue to think there is shrimp.

Sorry yes I like not so excited, just try it lo rasain eat 10 meals alone.

No Didalemnya salted egg.

Tuh salty egg flavor dominates so.

This is not just any dumpling tuh, and better if dipped into chilly oil.

Hmm I need a sweet tooth.

Sorry mas, I want ya pesen dessert.

This tuh mango shaved ice, add fruit topping.

I think this is cotton candy.

Lo can see here there are lychee, kiwi, strawberry pieces.

Seger's really Abis meal.

Cold and melted in the mouth.

Create closing, I would love shout out for 3 meals most ok.

I would love the shout out for the Six Sense Xiao Long Bao.

Continued to shout out to the Gong Bao Shrimp.

Last Shout Out I love to Olive Fried Rice.

Fried rice not much oil, olive oilnya make eating steadily.

Shout out for my favorite foods.

Udahan used to create now.

I want to eat ice again.

Why is it that riches should udahan.

I think I diliat same strange people.

So I want to ask her bill wrote.

Yo mas, asked for his bill dong.

Waw cepet crazy.

I think they want me weve cepet-cepet out of here.

Eh Jove! This much so that I pesen? Are you sure? Inget ya, kalo lo eat like a boss, Pay kayaking boss lo! So do I! Yo cuy, according lo how about this episode? Do not forget to make love comments, like this video and subscribe to this channel.

We'll meet at Epic Eat Out next.