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" What's weighing you down?Holding you back? What has wounded your soul?Today, with Katie, discover the healing power of Godfor your life.

Katie was once broken,oppressed, in bondage to a life of mental and physical pain.

Until God gave her a new life, and powerful messages of howyou can heal your wounded soul.

Now, here is Katieto begin today's program.

>> Katie Souza: Hi, I'mKatie Souza, and you're watching "Healing Your Soul:Real Keys to the Miraculous.

" If you look around, you'll seesigns everywhere that our culture is obsessed with weight,body size, and body shape.

Do you notice that when you'renot the body size that makes you feel comfortable thatit can actually make you feel tormented?I don't think there's anything wrong with a person wanting tofeel good in their body.

Yet, for millions of people, itis so difficult to lose weight and get control over food.

I suffered for years from a horrible food addiction.

I constantly overate.

I ate too fast, and I atethe wrong kinds of foods.

I always felt ashamedand condemned.

But today I am gonna showyou one of the most incredible insights I've ever receivedfrom God on this issue.

It's personally brought meindescribable freedom.

And it totally changed my life,the way I look, and the way I feel about myself.

I believe it will usher in a huge breakthrough for you too.

>> Katie: I want you to check how tight your clothes are.

Check your pant line.

Check over here by your legs.

You ladies, check you know where, that horriblesecret place, all right? 'Cause today I think a lot ofyou are gonna supernaturally losesome weight, amen.

Okay, now, sit back down.

Now, I want you to get quiet, and I want you to check in here.

How do you feel in here today? Are you struggling?Do you feel, like, lusts coming up inside your soul, likediscontentment, like pain, dissatisfaction?Do you have a hunger inside your soul for things like food, likenarcotics, or cigarettes, or alcohol, or excessive shopping,spending? Now, all you ladies arethinking, "That's me, yeah.

That's me.

"All right, just close your eyes, and do you feel that?Do you feel like that dissatisfaction in your soul,like your soul needs something? If that's true,just slip your hand up.

Let me see how many people arefeelin' that right now, amen.

It's true.

There's a lot going on in our soul.

Today I'm gonna share something with you that I'vestruggled with my entire life.

It was a big issue with food.

I was completely addicted to food.

I was obsessed with food.

I couldn't stop thinkingabout food.

I would eat something andimmediately, I would still feel hungry 'causeI wasn't satisfied.

I felt like I neededto have more food.

And no matter what I ate,or how much I ate, I still felt like I needed to eat even more.

And I would always eat super, super fast, like I was starvingto death or something, like somebody was gonna come andsteal my food from me, and I had to guzzle it down beforeanybody did it.

I had big issues with food.

And I've gotten major, major breakthroughs with food.

And I'm free, and I am so happy.

Because it was causing me somuch pain, so much shame, so much condemnation,and it was miserable.

My life was miserable.

And I want to share my story, because I thinkmillions of people are struggling throughthe same thing, amen? Millions of people all over theworld, I think countless people right now are suffering pain,and shame, and condemnation.

And even suffering from deadlydiseases that come from food issues.

And I believe that they are going to also get a breakthroughas they hear the message and the revelation God gave me andapply it to their life, amen? Amen.

You know, millions of people are struggling with food issues.

They're addicted to all kinds of food.

They're addicted to fast foods, foods that are bad for them.

They eat too much.

They eat too fast.

They've tried to lose weight.

And no matter what they've triedto do, they haven't been able to lose it.

Some people are even going to extremes to lose weight, likehaving things done, like gastric bypass surgery.

You know, and what's so exciting about that is that many peoplesee really great results with that.

But what's very devastating about it is that they saya huge percentage of the people that go tothat extreme to try to win this battle end up gainingall the weight back within a few years.

Can you imagine the pain of goingthrough all that and then ending up where you started,or even worse? How horrible is that?Did you know that the biggest money-making industry in theUnited States are diet and diet aids?But they don't work.

Yeah, you might get some resultsfor a while, but as long as you're taking that pill,or doing that program, but as soon as you stop,the problem comes back.

Which means that there's aproblem inside of us, amen? That when we get that healed,that the things that we're trying in the naturalwill actually work, amen? Did you know that more peopletoday die of obesity-related diseases than cancer?Than cancer.

People are dying ofheart disease, blood pressure, high blood pressure,diabetes, high cholesterol, infertility, sleep apnea,and it's all coming from obesity issues,from food issues.

And if they're not sufferingwith, like, those kinds of things, millions of people arealso suffering from all kinds of gut disorders that could beconnected to food issues, like, acid indigestion, acid reflux,celiac's, Crohn's, chronic constipation, diarrhea,diverticulitis, gluten intolerance, chronic heartburn,hemorrhoids, indigestion, irritable bowel.

The list goes on and on.

How many people in here aresuffering from some sort of a gut-related disease?Raise your hand.

Or some obesity-related disease?See, there's so many people that are suffering underthis problem.

Here's one of the most difficultthings about the weight issue, is that millions of people areliterally wearing their struggle on their physical body foreverybody else to see, amen? You know, society has becomeso demeaning towards overweight people.

Television, television commercials, magazines,advertisements, they celebrate the thin people.

And what that does is it sets a standard for the rest of societyto treat anybody who's not thin and gorgeous with contempt, withdisdain, and to be rude to them.

I've seen it, man.

I go out on tour a lot, and I see some of the most ridiculous,horrible things when I'm out on tour.

I can remember once being in a hotel room, I mean, beingin a hotel to check in to get my room.

And there was a very heavyset gentleman in front of me.

He was checking in to get his room.

And there was a group of slightlyinebriated people behind me waiting of their room.

And they began to tell jokes out loud, really loud so everyonecould hear it, including the man in front of me.

They began to tell, quote, "fat jokes," you know?One guy even said, "Hey, somebody give thefat guy a line of coke," meaning that if he wereto do some type of drug that inhibited his food, his,you know, suppressed his appetite,that he wouldn't be fat.

And of course,the man in front of me heard it, and he was humiliated.

He was embarrassed.

You know, it's like,when I heard that guy say that, I wanted to karate chophim in the throat, man.

And in my old days,I would have done it.

Now, I let God karate choppeople, "Hi-yah!" Amen?So with these weight issues, a lot of people are wearing theirstruggle on their physical body for everybody else to see.

And it just doesn't seem fair, because other peoplehave issues too.

But they don't have to wearit for the public to view.

Like, you know, maybeyou're trapped in the sin of pornography.

You know, it's a horrible thing to be trapped there.

And it's, wow, what a intense struggle it is.

But your struggle's in private.

Nobody knowswhat you're going through.

Unlike when you have toactually wear your struggle on your body, amen?Maybe you're one of those people that havereally bad money issues.

You know, you spend, spend,spend on your credit card so you can look good.

You know, buy shoes, buy clothes, buy makeup,buy whatever.

And you look awesome,so everybody's like, "Oh, you look great.

"But internally, really, that person's havingjust as much of a struggle as the person who is overweight,or the person who's watching pornography, or thealcoholic, or anybody else.

It's just that you can't see it,so nobody thinks it's happening to you, amen?I'm gonna show you in these programs that a lot of thesefood issues, these weight issues, the gut andobesity-related diseases can be coming from woundsin your soul man.

>> Katie: I was sent an amazingstory from an inmate who was the leader of a motorcycle gang.

He was involved in a shootout in a casino where nine menwere killed.

While serving a life sentence,he read one of my books.

And now, he teachesBible classes to the other men in his facility.

We are literally seeing murderers turninto Apostle Pauls.

And with your help,we can do even more.

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">> Katie: Did you know that diets and diet aids are thebiggest money-making industry in America?Yet, they don't work.

I struggled with lifelong foodissues until God showed me that most of my problems were comingfrom wounds in my soul.

Once I got my soul healed,I got control over my food, and I lost weight supernaturally.

You can too.

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Help Katie reach out to thethousands of prisoners with a powerful message ofGod's ultimate healing power.

>> Katie: Through our lifetime,the Bible talks about things like sin and trauma actuallyleaving a quote, "Literal wound inside our inner man.

"If we have to go through maybe a horrible sin that we get trappedin, or even our parents sinned, or someone sinned against us,that can wound our soul.

When we have to live through atrauma, maybe we've lost a loved one, or we lost a job,or we went through some excruciating event in our life.

Those traumatic circumstances can also wound our inner man.

And once those wounds are there, they can affect everypart of our lives.

I mean, the Bible says that, "Wewill prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers.

"So when we're wounded, it can affect our money.

It can affect our relationships.

It can affect our health.

And it can even, those wounds can evenbe driving us to eat, amen? They can be driving us to eat.

A good example, a good example is, like, women who weremolested as children in their youth, okay?A lot of women that go through that kind of a trauma grow upto have food addictions.

They become, you know,excessive eaters, bingers, anorexia,bulimia people.

I know that's true because whenI was in prison, there was a huge percentage of thewomen on the yard that had been molested or abused as children,sexually abused or abused in some sort of way.

And a huge percentage of that group also had food issues.

I mean, there was women in prison throwin' up.

They would binge, and then they would throw up.

There is a huge percentage of people in prison that are havingfood issues because they went through many traumas,either as a youth, or on the streets, or in some sort,or shape, or manner.

Wounds come from these thingsthat we've lived through, these sins and these traumaswe've lived through.

And they can be driving alot of the problems in our life, including our food addictions,and our addictions to other stuff, even.

It's not even just about food, our addictions to tobacco,our addictions to alcohol, to narcotics, to excessivespending, the shopping, whatever is your addiction.

Even those wounds can be causing thosedestructive behaviors in us.

How many of you are fightingtrying to not be overtaken and controlled every day by adestructive behavior, like being excessively bitter, or angry,or fearful, or anxious? Anybody here strugglingwith that? All that stuff is connected.

Those destructive behaviors, the addictions,they're all connected.

They all are coming fromunhealed areas inside of us, amen?And this includes the food thing too.

You know, if you look at the word "appetite" in the Bible,you'd think, okay, "The word 'appetite,' what doesthe word 'appetite' mean?" The word "appetite," you wouldthink, "Oh, it's talking about your physical food appetites,your hungers.

Well, the word "appetite"in the Bible actually means these words.

Ready? "The soul.

"The soul.

Why would the word "appetite"mean "the soul?" Because that's where yourappetites are coming from.

They're coming from in here.

If you're healed in here, you're gonna have appetites for goodstuff, for God's stuff, for the good stuff God made for you,amen? But if you're unhealed in here,you're gonna have unhealthy, unholy appetites, appetites tospend excessive money, appetites to do narcotics and drugs,appetites to smoke, appetites to drink, appetites to be angry,to be fearful, and appetites for food, amen?Food that's excessive, food that's bad, fast food,junk food, snack food, see, our soul is hungry.

Our souls are so hungry.

We're hungry to feel loved.

We're hungry to feel satisfied.

How many of you justwant to feel satisfied? Hungry to have joy, amen?Hungry to feel supernatural joy every day.

Hungry to be loved.

Hungry to be comforted.

Our souls are hungry, amen? And what happens is if we don'tget the love we need, the satisfaction we need, the joywe need, we start trying to fill that hunger, mistakenly fill itwith stuff, all kinds of stuff, drugs, spending money, and food.

A lot of times, we'll eat to try to bring ourselves thecomfort we're lacking, and the satisfactionwe think we need to have, amen? You guys know what I mean.

Think about it.

When you're angry or depressed,what do you feel like doin'? For me, it was awhole bag of Doritos with a couple cans of bean dip, yeah.

Right out of the can in the car.

I'd go in the Circle K, 7-11,whatever it was, come out in the car, pop the lid [chomping] andat the end, fingers coated with Dorito stuff.

[finger smacking] Ah! Right?Maybe you're one of them candy bar peeps.

You buy the–you are the good people.

You buy the little bags of mini candy bars becausethose don't really count.

God has zeroed outthe calories on those, right? But on that day that you're notfeeling good, somebody made you mad, or you're alone again, oryou're anxious, or you've been working really hard and youthink, "I deserve a break," there goes the bag and[glugging] you look down,and the bag's empty.

Haha, that's when the caloriesactually do count actually.

At that point, they do.

As we get healed inside of us, we're not gonna reach towardsstuff, including food, to comfort ourselves, amen?We'll eat because we're nourishing our bodies.

We'll eat because we're fellowshipping andcelebrating with our friends.

You know, the Bible is full offeasts, full of feasts, amen? God does want us to feast.

But here's the problem.

We've turned every dayinto a feast.

Can you relate?We've turned every day into a feast.

All right, but as we get healed, it won't be like that anymore.

We'll actually enjoy our food, and we won't feel condemnedwhen we eat.

How many of you walk away froma meal and you feel like, "Oh, I blew it again"?All right, God's not, he doesn't want you to feel like.

That's why he wants to heal you in here, amen?Now, before we continue, I do want to tell you some more of mypersonal story because I know some of you are thinking,"Oh, great, the skinny white chick on stageis gonna lecture us about food.

" Yes, I am.

No, but I want to show you that I have a reason to be up here.

I didn't always look like this, amen?And I didn't always feel like this.

Okay, I've had a problem my entire life.

I always ate too much food.

I was never satisfied,no matter what I ate, okay? I always ate super fast.

And it started from when I was a child, from whenI was a little kid.

I can remember for my10th birthday, my mom, she made me my birthday meal, right?She got me a porterhouse steak.

It's like one of those big onesthat doesn't fit on a plate and you have to have a platter.

And she got the biggest baked potato she could find.

Then she got a half a gallon of vanilla ice cream.

She just left it in the carton, opened it up, and thensurrounded it by half a dozen of those reallybig vanilla-glazed donuts.

I ate every bite of that onmy own at super high speed, all right?That was me from a little kid.

I can remember the big thingwhen we were children was to go to a steakhouse.

You know how your family takes you out for the special treat,you know? You get to go to, like, someplace fancy, like once a month.

Well, my parents did that.

You know, they would drive us to this fancy steakhouse.

And it was like an hour drive to get there.

And when we got there, I would always orderthe biggest steak on the menu.

And then it would come.

I mean, I'm 10 years old.

I'm this little girl, right?And it would come on this big, huge plate, and I would cut ahuge piece, stuff it in my mouth, chew twice, and swallow.

And do that at record speed, like, one, two,ah, one, two, ah.

And my mom would go crazy.

She would be like, "You better stop eating that fast.

I mean it.

Stop eating that fast.

"And one night, it was so bad, she literally grabbed meby the ear.

You know, the mom thing?Dragged me out in the front and said, "You better stop eatinglike that, or you're gonna choke to death.

>> Katie: Think about this.

Do you ever catch yourselfeating even when you're not hungry?If so, think about how you felt when you did that.

Were you anxious, depressed, or maybe even just bored?Have you ever had an argument with someone and immediatelywent into the kitchen to search for something to eat?Have you ever remembered something traumatic thathappened to you, then suddenly caught yourself headingto the freezer for some ice-cold comfort?The thing is, food may ease the pain for a few minutes,but afterwards, it brings condemnation that causesyou to feel shame and regret.

You know, food and weight issuesare some of the most difficult things we deal with.

That's why we need the power of God's grace.

Do you know the word "grace," according to the Strong's, means"a power that heals the soul, strengthens the soul, and causesthe soul to be controlled by Christian virtues"?Grace is more than a doctrine.

It's an actualsoul-healing power.

Grace can heal you of the woundsthat are driving you to eat.

Now, remember,grace is unearned.

It's undeserved.

It's favor from God.

So even if you're up to yourelbows in fast food and chocolate bars, God will stillpour out his grace on you, even if you feel likeyou don't deserve it.

So I want you to stand thereand receive that free, unearned grace as I decreeit into your soul.

I speak grace, grace to themountain of wounds in your soul.

I command your inner man to bestrengthened by grace, increased by grace,and controlled by grace.

I decree the power of grace isflowing into every wounded area that's driving you to eat,and it's healing you.

No matter what you've beenthrough, or what you're going through now, grace is biggerthan any problem.

So I command that his unearned,undeserved, free grace fill you to the brim so you canbecome excellent of soul.

In Jesus' name, amen.

>> Katie: I was sent an amazing story from an inmate who wasthe leader of a motorcycle gang.

He was involved in a shootoutin a casino where nine men were killed.

While serving a life sentence, he read one of my books.

And now, he teaches Bible classes to the other menin his facility.

We are literally seeingmurderers turn into Apostle Pauls.

And with your help, we can do even more.

>> announcer: Today, with your support, you are giving hope andhealing to a life that may be in a desperate need of a change.

Call now, and when you do, Katie would like to thank you foryour gift by sending you a copy of her teaching, "Soul Food.

"With your gift of $35 or more, you will have a part in puttingGod's Word directly into the hands of a life thatis ready to change.

Call toll-free, 1-800-789-7895.

And as a thank you for your gift, Katie will send youa copy of "Soul Food.

" >> Katie: Did you know thatdiets and diet aids are the biggest money-makingindustry in America? Yet, they don't work.

I struggled with lifelong food issues until God showed methat most of my problems were coming from wounds in my soul.

Once I got my soul healed, I got control over my food, andI lost weight supernaturally.

You can too.

>> announcer: Call now with your gift, 1-800-789-7895.

Help Katie reach out to the thousands of prisoners witha powerful message of God's ultimate healing power.

>> Katie: People often come up to me and ask why I spend somuch time and money to go into prisons.

Well, it's simple.

I had countless arrests myselfand spent years in federal prison.

I have seen firsthand inmates that are real peoplethat society has forgotten.

We as Christianshave forgotten to love them.

When we go into prisons,we see incredible miracles.

Like the young man who washit in the eye with a bat and it caused his retina to detach.

It left a large scar, leaving him almost totally blind.

During the meeting that he did not want to attend, God causedthe scar to disappear.

After he could see,he was totally in.

Our prisons are full of peoplewho have gone through horrific things.

They're broken, abandoned, and alone.

Ninety percent of them are suffering from some sort ofsickness or mental illness.

And many are servinga lot of time without hope.

If God is pouring outextravagant miracles and hope to those in prison, how can we notshow them this same love? >> Katie: Do you realize Satanused food since the beginning of time to causethe entire human race to fall? That strategy was so successful,he's still using food today to try to shame us, control us,and kill us.

Right now, do you feel aninsatiable desire to eat? Part of that may be becausethere's a demonic assignment on you to drive youto constantly think about food.

Let's break that off right now.

When you say this prayer with me, decree it towards thatdemonic spirit that's trying to control you.

Make these decrees with me now.

You ready?Say: "I break my agreement with your assignment, Satan.

You can no longer drive me to eat.

I see what you're doing, and I decree,you will not control me anymore.

I am not hungry.

I don't need to eat all the time.

In fact, when I eat the right amount of foodI'm completely satisfied.

I command you, loose me now,Satan, in Jesus' name.

I send you back towhere you came from, in the name of Jesus, amen.

">> Katie: For many of you watching, today's programmay have been a difficult topic to discuss.

I hope, over the next few episodes, you are filled withmore and more hope that there is healing for you like you'venever experienced before.

Next week, I'm gonna sharemy personal story of my own issues with food.

You might be able to relate to my story because I was tormentedby food, starting from childhood and continuing throughoutmy entire life.

That is, until God gave me anincredible revelation that not only healed my food addiction,but totally changed the way I feel about myself.

You won't want to miss out on these epic stories.

See you next week.

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