Enjoy Taco Pizza Rolls | HOW TO | MEXICAN MONDAY #3

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do you know it today you it back to himand any i think is called a Mexican pizzainflict on me today Adam really sure ingredient list soafter summed up okay sorry called actually call a taco p to role spirited girlhood aid everything thank you combat show you P looks pretty easy it is ground beef taco seasoning Peter Criss Mexican cheese in a littlebit don't want her I think I can handle that coming throughthe grocery store head not for shock Hey ok okay so he did not call for black beans 5 I'm gonna make an executive decisionhere and I'm had might be like me another decade deserting comment on alright guys so it's hope for the tastepath where it is added a little bit haha an added sourcream in your way bigger than the picture Ireally like the hot sauce on top they can you put a little bit more mebut otherwise the idea is not bad i like it was easyto make i'd give these guys three billion hadyou like video group comes up leave me a comment youhave any Mexican beer it to be you want me to drive let me know hit the subscribe button onagain next week why.

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