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<Shanghai East Nanjing Road Restaurant> I'm happy to eat some food now – and the view is.

– The best view in Shanghai.

<Night view is even better>The Bund at a glance – China is famous for its unique food and ingredients.

– Yes.

This food is good for your skin and health.

The Shanghai Trend Inner Beauty Items! – We can be beautiful together~- We can be pretty even with the food.

<Global Project>The Show in China Shanghai Trend Inner Beauty! Three trendy meals in China She's doing her best.

<I can eat everything to be pretty?> <Don't watch this when you're hungry!> What's that? – The bone is weird!- Is there a bone? The unbelievable ingredients are? <Inner beauty items beyond your imagination!> This is the first Shanghai trendy inner beauty food.

<Youth Potion> We have tea and soup.

<To stimulate your appetite> And it says these are youth potion.

Let's have some tea first.

Green tea color.

<Caution! You can be ugly!> <Familiar manure smell.

> It's more transparent than green tea.

There must be clear likes and dislkes but it's okay to me.

The soup seems very tasty.

<Males smell their prey>It's like rice soup.

It's Chinese style of.

<Nicole pecking at the soup> – It's okay to me.

– It's okay to me, too.

<Hyebin's opinion is?>- It could be good breakfast.

– Yes.

I like it.

I think I can eat this every day.

Very firm and nice.

It would be perfect with Kimchi.

Shanghai trendy inner beauty food item! Let's see what are the ingredients of this youth potion.

<It's coming!> – That's a seahorse!- It is! <Seahorse tea and soup> <Whitening and wrinkle improvement effect> – Have you every tried a seahorse?- I was totally amazed.

It's not a common ingredient.

Seahorses are anti-oxidant and good for skin elasticity so they are a popular ingredient for cosmetics.

If you can eat it, it's good for your skin too.

<By Dr.

Koo> So the Chinese women enjoy seahorse food for their inner beauty.

<Seahorse soup and tea, clear!> We have the second food here.

<Baby skin reverse> – I'm kind of nervous.

– There must be something.

– It looks familiar with the food we often had.

– The food we have in a Chinese restaurant.

Yes, deep-friend shrimps.

As the name is 'baby skin reverse,' let me try this first.

<The oldest shall try this food!> – The bone is weird!- Does it have a bone? <A bone in fried food?> It looks like fish meat.

Do you hear the sound?<Crunch> <2MC can't stop eating> – Go ahead.

– Yes, it's fine.

<Shaking hands> <What's this familiar taste.

?> At first it felt like fish meat but later it's more like chicken.

What's this bone? A mammal or a reptile.

I don't care whether it's a dragon or unicorn.

It says it returns my skin to baby skin.

It's blue inside.

– Looks like blood vessel.

– That one must have exercised a lot.

Let's see what is the ingredient of this inner beauty item for baby skin! It's covered!<Afraid> <Thrilling moment> – It's moving!- Don't try to lie.

– It is moving!- Don't do that.

Okay, I won't.

Are you ready? One, two.

Aww!! One, two, three!<The ingredient of baby skin reverse food is?> <*astonished> <The ingredient that panicked the three MCs is?> – I thought it was alive!- Why did you work so well on this figure? – It's not just a frog, it's a bullfrog.

– A bullfrog? A frog is rich in protein so it's good for losing weight and anti-aging.

A lump of proteins and collagen.

Maybe we can enjoy this bullfrog instead of chicken at night with beer.

Okay, it's been thrilling till now.

A seahorse then a bullfrog.

What's going to be the third? – It's a fruit and I know what this is.

– Do you? Chinese women love this! They eat this as a dessert no matter how full they are! I love the title of this food.

Completing voluptuous line.

It's warm! I think it's steamed.

It's papaya color.

Wow, the smell is awesome.

<Pour papaya milk> <Nicole tries the fruit> First I smell coconuts and then I can feel the fruit.

– One big scoop.

– Is this a jellyfish? <My type!> <Fantastic collaboration of fruit and milk> <Squirrel cheek> I feel my breasts are growing.

Do you know what this is?<Fruit and a white thing> – This is.

– Puffed rice? This is a swallow's nest.

<And papaya> – A swallow's nest!- Did you know that? I've never tried, but I have heard about this.

It's good for skin beauty so it's widely used for cosmetics as well.

And papaya is good for mammary glands and breast.

It prevents skin-aging, too.

So it corrects the breast line with elastic skin for you to have a voluptuous body line.

<Papaya fairy, I want a voluptuous body line!> Nicole was not interested in it but when I mentioned breast line she was like.

I want the line although I still don't know what a swallow's nest is.

(*in Korean) – Nicole, you're eating too much.

– I don't know when will be the next chance.

You had enough.

<I'm still hungry!> So we have tried Shanghai trendy inner beauty food items from appetizer, main, and to dessert.

– What did you like the most?- I'll eat this every time I visit China.

I like the seahorse soup.

It was very good and I liked the texture.

Let's do our best to hear people saying 'you got even prettier and more handsome' back in Korea.

Shanghai inner beauty items, complete! I'll keep eating this.

<Hyebin, Nicole, Mir's secret story> I got hurt a lot and I thought should I stop here.

? Why am I here without any meaning.

? I saw myself on TV.

No one blames a person who tries.

People clap for them.

<Their true story.

Check it out next week>.