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Alright good to see you again guys So today I have.

As it says here oh yeah it's here not there This is 'Hot pepper sauce fried chicken' (Kkanpunggi) And here I have 'Stir-fried chicken with Hot sauce'(rajogi) These two are literally made of chicken 'ki' means chicken in korean It sounds similar to pronounce 'Kye' is original letter represents chicken but at some point, it becomes 'Ki' If any china food that has 'Ki' sound at the end, it means it's chicken This one has no soup just like this They just fried it like real deep That's Hot pepper sauce fried chicken and Stir fried chicken with hot sauce.

in other words, it has lots of sauce with it so it's like a sweet & sour pork(tangsuyuk) with sauce on it It's lil soggy too That's what it is and right next to that Black bean sauce noodle (Jangban jjajang) excuse me Mostly, jangban jjajang is for 2 people but this one right here is for 3 people.

u know I'm banzz That's what I have today This is Mapa tofu in the anime 'Chuuka Ichiban' U know they cook it just like this My mother's sister knows how to cook this so good And here is Fried dumplings(gun mandu) Hit 'Like!' if you really like it 🙂 stop pretending like u love it lol please like it Thanks for the meal First off this one Kkanpunggi as you see here, it's little dotted with black like some blackish powder on it I guess there's a lot of pepper in here Thanks for the meal I guess it's chicken leg It's not that spicy at first but it comes after few seconds like gradually "Kkanpungi = like a wind" "Rajogi=spicy" 'Ra' means spicy yeah you right The chinese food is like somewhat easy to name it um~so yummy make sure u don't eat this pepper if u eat this, then u r done Rajogi is like.

In other words it's similar to kkanpungi It's like chilli shrimp or tangsuyuk with the sauce on it so it's lil soggy not crispy even bamboo shoot in it okay so this noodle seems like stir-fried it's okay tho yeah it seems like it's been a while but u know just mix it then it's like fresh now Let me have some meat first in it as u see here, there are lots of sea food wow rice cake here it's for rice-cake soup one i'm gonna plate here first "The one on the left looks more spicy.

which one is more spicy between those two in the middle?" Kkanpungi (on the left) is more spicy Kkanpungi is more spicy than Rajogi I guess it's because rajogi has lots of vegi like this so that's where some sweetness comes from yum yum! yeah as u see this noodle it seems like it has pepper oil in it it's even somewhat reddish a lil bit Let me go ahead and make some soysauce for dumpling I don't know the exact proportion of each just I pour mostly soy sauce and lil bit vinegar after that and few drops of seasame oil "I wish there's some soup like hot one!" here it is 🙂 Obviously, dumpling from restaurant is on different level It's really crispy yeah I can tell After making a hole in here imma pour some say sauce in it so the menu is.

Kkanpungi, Rajogi jangban jjajang mapa tofu mapa tofu with rice they don't have enough meat tho in the near future i will bring some mapa tofu with decent amount of meat in it I.

I have some ground meat now but oops where is it it should be I will ask my mother's sister later how to cook this 'Please deep your dumpling into rajogi sauce!' that sounds good like let it dive in it 'Do you like mapa tofu with big pepper powder?' I asked them not to add pepper powder today I got shrimp I go Sam-chuck city every year cuz I have relatives my mother's side there They said it's jangban jjajang serving for 3 ppl but I don't see any difference in the amount of noodle but it just has more meat or things like that hm.

It has more noodle? idk i dk look at this Yellow this is like pickle like when u eat pizza or pasta I should study english hard lol 'Yellow radish pickle and onion which one do u prefer?' I prefer both man nah we dont need to sprinkle some red pepper powder i guess they already put some pepper oil in here as u see here there's something on the noodle which is pepper oil let me show ya see? like these reddish thing so we dont need to put some pepper powder today It's already lil spicy so it's alright Generally, we pour some jjambbong soup here only when it gets stiff or hard to mix it or when u want some hot spicy taste with it so it helps but.

At this time we dont really need to pretty spicy ah mushroom I.

in my opinion I just prefer rajogi to kkanpungi just because it's not that much crispy Rajogi.

'gi' represents chicken in chinese food CHICKEN guys and uh.

when u have some chinese food if u ask some Kimchi too, they will also bring it to you I mean yeah of course, yellow radish pickle is good too but Kimchi is also a good combi with Jjajang myun Kimchi and jjajang myun are good combi Idk why but today every single plate of them is so spicy lol Kkanpungi right here spicy, Rajogi too even Jangban Jjajang is also spicy due to pepper oil I ordered from 24 hrs chinese restaurant so they deliver 🙂 I uh.

I love peach flavor beverage 🙂 as u see the chatting window many ppl ask 'please do something!' so listen like if you guys say something, then other people also ask something I can't really accept every single one of you guys' requests but I will do my best to do so so please please please dont say like 'f*cking Banzz b*tch' or something like that just because I didn't mention your comment I'm trying 🙂 just please understand it like.


Maybe next time' I appreciate that if u get it 🙂 This mapa tofu is yummy but it's not that yum I kinda like it but not really I purposely left some rice here '2 Ramens are enough for me' I envy you.

that's good for u Nothing good to eat a lot like me can u imagine like u go to Kimbab restaurant and u have some kimbab with ramen but you are still hungry.

that sucks; I also have this one The one that I bought from Vietnam The corn looks like this Like fancy chinese restaurants have this kinda corn right? u know that fancy chinese restaurant cooks with this 'What's the advantage of having jangban jjajang compared to just a regular jjajang myun?' since they just stir-fried first, the noodle absorbs sauce better and this one has some decent amount of seafood cuz i have sea food jangban jjajang so but because it's too lengthy i just typed jangban jjajang 'I like your eating show but please take care of yourself too! Thank you so much that's why i'm eating just this much I appreciate your concern! I really like this noodle I should've ordered something noodle thing not mapa tofu let me show ya again can u guys see that? it looks lil red right? if u don't like seafood, then don't even try this seafood jangban jjajang I got some on my elbow? never mind i'mma just put it in the laundry lol 'Do you clean & organize your room everyday? everyday the location of the doll is different' I just change them a lil bit errday just for fun lol u guys dont like doing it? Hello from Hongkong Thank you! Thanks Thanks a lot Thank u so much oh wait.

I couldn't pronounce this before Thanks for your kind word my freaking hero These are all the way to say thank you! Did I look like I'm cheating? lol I have some cheat sheet in front of me well because I don't know which one is good so oh so I was looking at just one point? lol that's why My eyes are small how did u get it lol well I'm studying english so at least I gotta say something so I like squid in here sometimes when I order something like this jangban jjajang sometime the squid is so chewy so it's hard to eat but but today is so good 'U literally said every expression of saying Thank you in English' yeah I wanna say thank you that much This is like sweet corn flavor I guess since it's canned, it's even more sweet It literally tastes like canned sweet corn (green giant corn) 'Let me have some good squid please!' oh give me one sec This is only one I got now lol I don't have chilli shrimp today 🙁 sh.


Shrimp? it's like.


It's different sorry it's totally different.

not a chilli shrimp So obviously, this one right here It's not a korean food so It doesn't make me spicy or hot all at once but because of pepper as time goes on and as I keep eating this my whole mouth becomes like burning a lil bit as u see it has lots of pepper powder on it These blackish things are all pepper so it's very.

I got some on me? no it's not oops ughh u right I can just wash it u know we dont throw away because of this Imma wash it that's it Yes Thank you for watching advs till the end!! and u know behind me there U think I have only charmander and squirtle right? I got Bulbasaur too Hoodies brand.

Pokemon Choco! Oh okay it's buy 1 get 1.

it has Eveee I just want bulbasaur that's it It's 1,700 won ($1.

44)from CU convenience store pretty expensive 1,700 Won.

Pretty expensive cocoa powder 2% Ghiradeli sweet choco 0.

2% Cacao 0.

1% Wow it's strong U know the Doraemon Choco milk I don't drink Doraemon Choco milk that much thesedays but it's similar to that one really It's like.


It's really strong 'does that include toy as well?' no it's not I guess because of buffering u may hear like keeps breaking up But mapa tofu.

umm yum yum I dont wanna blame while eating it It's not perfect u know? need something 2%more Lack of meat.

it's that one just light Oh this is spicy too I took college entrance exam like.

In 2009? in 2008? I don't remember exactly I'm class of 09.

(Korea count when they enter it.

not graduate year) So I guess I took it in 2008 It's been a 8yr already.

Rajogi or Kkanpungi.

This kkanpungi.

with rajogi sauce with it and u said please have it with noodle together But I don't have enough noodle now u know I will try my best spicy I go back to Korea from the U.

S in 11 years! oh wow it's been 11 years ?! wow wow.


It's been a long time huh Since 2005 When I was in 9th grade I think u gonna confused when u get here because of redevelopment area Why dont u eat mapa tofu rice with rajogi? then u don't need to worry bout lack of meat 🙂 BTW, mapa tofu usually comes with pork.

Not chicken like ground pork u know it must be yummy tho let's do it I will add some meat-texture by adding rajogi lol no it shouldn't be like this texture Mapa tofu definitely needs pork.

Ground pork.

It must be mixed like this but with Rajogi.

it's like It doesn't mixed together It tastes good but i don't like it's texture 'Childbirth is expected next January I've watched your sister's interview clip i'm so nervous :)' wow it's soon tho I hope you stay in health! 'u such an easy-going person! u even eat what u dropped' It's clean here man sometimes it's dirty but today is okay 'Is your nose reddish because of nose-bleeding? due to severe tiredness?' No it's just because of spicy food It's even more spicy Is kkanpungi soggy yet? I dont think so It's not that soggy yet I uh.

when I order jangban jjajang this rice cake sometimes they have rick-cake soup one, sometimes uh.

Flour rice cake one I like both I like scooping this with rice 'Charmander and Squirtle look exhausted because they raise their hands all the time lol' Well this makes them even harder They can't do it like that It's their destiny They just made it like that so even when they put some cotton in it so I can't do anything lol I need to take apart if I really want to let them down their hands And then I gotta sew again like u know change their posture but I can't 'Make sure u don't get food on clothes Nah I'm almost done I dont need to worry about this T-shirts so 'Thanks to banzz I was able to eat 2 pizza!' I.


I didn't do anything for ya but.

if u say so Thanks!good job lol 'Free dumpling from local restaurant is like.

' yeah u right Recently, they dont really cook it they just buy frozen food at some point, people just ask dumpling for free I gotta go to see a dentist nextweek but Im lil afraid With painkiller I dont have any pain but but I can't make an appointment.

I'm just afraid Rather than Jjambbong soup let me drink this chocolate milk It's spicy today so oh so good 'Charmander and Squirtle look cold ' Don't worry about that little thing U are making your life even harder by doing so man u know 'ggil ggi bba bba?' (just meaning do your own thing) Do ur own thing don't worry about it I got it from CU convenience store from CU convenience store Bulbasaur right here I definitely prefer soggy one.

not cripsy 'Banzz! I envy you I'm in England So I can't eat it' well I guess there are lots of yummy food over there I envy you too! Like there's a universal studio the harry potter one and I'm full I can just locate this plate right in front of me thanks I.

order form 2 to 3 different restaurants each time because they have slightly different menu Someplace doesn't have Rajogi so I just order from different restaurant 'The english food is well known for bad taste' why? They don't cook well? I didn't know that 'Me and my boyfriend don't eat very much so :(' Do u know some good appetite?' U guys should work together like.

Exercising together the couple yoga or something like that ewwwwww u know like couple bicycle u know oh why am i sweating u know if u guys do that together then u both will be hungry These days, bicycle for couple and 'Banzz!This show isn't for 19 or more!' what u talking bout? it's just renting a bicycle man age doesn't matter age doesn't really matter to rent a bicycle Yoga.


Everyone can yoga man just uh.

enjoy it Since it has lots of meat and things like that and it's even chunky It's lil hard to scoop 'Banzz Go Pal han dang(?) in Cheon an City!' what's that name?is it like dr's office? Is it like a rehab-center? or something like that? Well I don't know much about it so This is peach Peach flavor soda It's 10% of peach juice Oh so Pa-sun sang is just a chinese restaurant?okay I will say it to my sister I've been here in Germany for 5 months, there is no chinese restaurant near me how should I stay here for 3 years? well u don't die because of that so If you really want it so bad then have som dumplings Don't they have chinese restaurant in K-town ? or U can just watch my show Oh this person lol U used google translator right 'Hi there, Your food is delivered in china plate in England Do we need to return the plate?' 'In England, we put the take-out food on the plate please enjoy it' (It sounds lil weired tho.

U know the context.

) Thank you U guys even use google translator to communicate with me Thank u so much 'I was in rural area in the U.

S, at that time I just went to Oriental Market to get some food But, chinese food like jjajangmyun or jjambbong is hard to cook so.

' okay so it's hard to eat in foreign country hm.

yeah it's lil complicated to cook Just stir-fried chunjang with oil If you like soggy thing, then try rajogi I like Rajogi more than Kkanpungi why? Why question mark? what happen It's black out? oh so it was just a 'stream is live on now again' It was just disconnected' Since it's late in the night seems like my computer is tired too It should be fine now sorry for inconvenience 'It's so funny when U look at cheat sheet why dont u put it in the middle' It's in the middle here U notice? oh sogggy I love this one This dumpling Idk why but I just wanna use my hand Idk just I just extend my hand to have some lol 'I hate that I have peach allergy' Sorry to hear that.

No I don't watch pictures today a lil bit later Even simple sentence or word I can't even say it I feel sooo good because I drink sweet one at the end So, today I had some chinese food from 24 hours china restaurant just like simple thing It was sooo good I enjoyed it a lot Bye!.