English Slang for Chinese Speakers – Lesson 4

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Hello everybody! Thanks for tuning in again.

long time no see! Because recently I found a new job in San Diego San Diego is in California, but it's also very close to Mexico So today's episode is very special.

I will teach you guys three types of Mexican dishes I will teach you guys.

what is a taco, what is an horchata, and what is a burrito "ABC teach English Slang" So we are now in front of Lolita's.

Lolita's is a very famous Mexican restaurant in San Diego Let's go inside and eat! So we are now inside Lolita's I have a taco, and an horchata My good friend Armando will explain to us what is a taco, and what is an horchata So Armando said that the taco has meat and veggies inside And the horchata is like a tapioca milk tea They are a bit different from each other, but quite similar So good! If you guys come to San Diego.

you must try the Carne Asada fries! Wow, i'm so full.

but I think I can eat more! Let me think.

What else did I not introduce? Oh i know.

A burrito! let's go home.

Ill teach you how to make a burrito! Okay! Let's go!.


Just got back.

So let's make a burrito together First off, you will need 4 types of different ingredients You will need some Mexican rice.

some tortilla.

We call this salsa.

It's like sliced up small tomatoes.

And you also need steak Let's go make a burrito! Let's cook some Mexican rice The first step is to pour the rice.

Then add some butter.

put it in.

Then you want to stir the butter and rice.

Stir for about 10 minutes.

Then add water.

Then you're good to go! You can throw the meat in the pan.

Then you can use the skillet to stir.

Then continue stirring.

Stir for about 5 minutes.

Alright, now i'll teach you how to make a burrito So we have this tortilla.

First we need to put some steak in the tortilla Don't put too much, just a little bit Then put some rice Also don't put too much Lastly, put a little bit of slasa Just put this much Now we roll it up Slowly roll it up carefully.

Now we have a burrito.

Let's try it it's so good! Burrito! Let's review what we learned today Taco has some meat and veggies, but it's up to you what you want to put in Horchata is a very sweet drink.

It's like a tapioca milk tea! Lastly is the burrito, I just taught you guys how to make one just take some tortilla, put some veggies, salsa, and meat, and some Mexican rice I'm Chris Wei, see ya next time!.