[ENG SUB] Korean reaction to Chinese food Pt. I (看韩国人吃中国美食!超级搞笑的反应)

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Sunflower seeds.

Isn't it an "Heabaragi seed"? Oh i see "guazi" oh! it means snack.

Is it for a human being, right? Of courseAh, I can't believe it Should we eat that one? Isn't it for a hamster? LOL It smells very good.

Oh It's deliciousIt's nutty.

It's nutty also a little bit salty 'Before you eat, you should peel the nutshell'Oh really? LOL We shouldn't have eaten the seeds unpeeled.

Does Korean often eat the sunflower seeds?I don't know but I think it does not I usually don't like nuts but it is the best thing ever.

So I will give 1 point.

Then I will give 3 points.

I will give 4 points.

3 points.

That's because it is hard to peel the nutshell.

Oh I see The next thing is.

isn't lt look like a milk? named 'Wahaha'.

Yogurt? It looks like a medicine for the stomach It tastes good It is delicious.

It tastes like 'Milkis', a soft drink.

It smells like a medicine.

I will give 3.

5 points.

I will give 5 out of 5 points Umm.

4 points.

That's because I never know what is going to happen next.

so I will save 5 points.

So do I, 4 points.

Isn't it looks like an egg? I guess it is an smoked egg.


I'm worried without reasons Ostrich egg? That is much bigger.

LOL It looks like a cookies'n cream chocolate.

Oh i think so too.

cookies'n cream OH! what is this? Oh, shocks!It made of black.

It is transparent.

Could I see through it?Oh, there's something inside.

Ah? It smells like an egg.

smells like an egg.


Oh wait!! Why?Why? What happened? Oh this egg went bad.

isn't it the rotten egg? Is it for making fun of? LOL It is edible, right? I've ever smelled before It smells like ammonia.

Yeah right! Ammonia! It smells like a hairdye.

One Two Three I can not chew this one.

Oh my.

give me some water.

please But It's nutty.

I don't know why you're doing this to ours I don't know why you're doing this to ours Oh.

It hits the jackpot.

The elderly often eat that with alcohol.

I'm a really good drinker.

Cheers! Alcohol helps me better It was amazing! China is great! I want to give minus 2 points without alcohol.

It was terrible.

but I will give 1.

5 points with alcohol.

minus 5 points without alcohol, and minus 3 points with alcohol 5 points! It's ridiculous.

LOL I will give minus 3 points for the egg, and 1 point for alcohol.