Emilia-Romagna Travel Guide for Food Lovers (Bologna, Forlimpopoli, Faenza, Modena, Parma) in Italy

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So good morning from Italia! We are back in Italy.

This time we're exploring the region of Emilia-Romagnaand we're going to be spending three days here eating, drinking, exploring.


So exciting.

This is a food heavy tour and I can't waitto just like devour as much Italian food as possible and we're also going to be doingquite a bit of travel too.

Yeah, so we're starting things off in Bolognaand we're also going to be exploring a few destinations so tag along.

Let's go.

So this afternoon in Bologna we are climbingTorre Prendiparte.

This tower was built in the late eleventhcentury, early twelfth and we're supposed to get some amazing views of the city fromthe top.

It is a rainy day so it might be a littlebit overcast but let's climb.

So this is pretty cool.

You can actually stay inside the tower andit has some pretty cool accommodations.

And this is what the room looks like.

How are you doing? You know what? We made it.

That was quite the climb and between thisand the hot air balloon ride I've been maxing out on my courage points the last few days.

Yeah, I've got clammy hands from that climb.

Let's go check out the views.

So we made it to the top.

We had to climb twelve stories on ricketywooden stairs to get here but the views are spectacular even in the rain.

So this morning we are going to be cooking.

We're currently in Forlimpopoli.

This is the hometown of Pellegrino Artusiand he basically created the first Italian cookbook in Italian.

We're going to be preparing some of the recipesin that cookbook.

It should be really tasty.

Let's get cooking.

Looks good on you Audrey.

Do you like it? I feel like a grandmother.

So we watched the demonstration.

Now it is time to create our own pasta.

It is one hundred grams of flower to one egg.

Let's see if I get it right.

Oh nice.

So apparently I need to work a little fasterbecause my mixture is starting to dry and I'm not finished and I don't know if I'm doinga good job.

Oh my gosh.

So I've got my pasta now it is time to I guessmake it into different shapes.

I don't even know what kind of pasta we'rehaving for lunch today so we'll see.

But here it is.


Bellissima I'm getting lots of compliments today.

This is awesome.

Keep them coming.

You know why I don't cook? You don't compliment me.

So this is Mio Laboro.

My hard work with pasta to feed the husband.

The hungry husband and a whole army.

Dun dun dun.



We get to eat the pasta we made except Samdidn't make any so his plate is going to be empty.

How sad.

So we just finished a wonderful lunch butthe day is not over yet.

What are we doing next? Next up we're doing a vineyard and wine tourso we're just going to take a little look around and see what we can find.

Yeah, so this place is called La Palazza.

It is raining right now so we can't reallyvisit the grounds but we can drink some wine.

That is not an issue indoors.

Good morning.

So last night we spent the night at an agriturismoand that is kind of like a home stay but in a rural farm setting.

So it is pretty cool.

We're actually staying at a vineyard and itwas super peaceful and we also met the friendliest dog.

Yeah, he just loves to play.

You throw him a stick, you throw him anythingand he's going after it.

He's right over there.

He's waiting.


He's waiting.


Hi, pup.

Hi pup.

So this morning we are visiting Acetaia diGiorgio and we're learning about the Balsamic Vinegar making tradition and I can alreadysmell it in the air.

Alright, so Brendan and Audrey we are doinga taste test of Balsamic Vinegar.

So what do you two think? This one is supposed to be spicy.


That was my Sam impression.

It is not as strong as the last one though.

The last one was sweeter but I think I preferthis one.


And was it spicy? No, not so much.

So what did you think of that original traditionalbalsamic vinegar? It was really cool.

They were a lot more rich and tasting flavorthan what I'm used.

I've only really had kind of lower qualityones before so it was amazing to try some like really high end ones that had been agedfor a long time.


So for today's lunch we are getting a littlebit fancy.

We're currently at Antica Corte PallavivinaRelais.

It is basically like this old fortress slashcastle in Parma and yeah we're going to be having a bit of a feast here.

Yeah, but first a tour.

Yes, let's go check it out.

I'm walking through a tunnel of ham.

And here we thought this was for sharing.

I know.

I thought this was for the whole table buthe's like no.

This is for you so.

So check out that platter.

You have prosciutto, salami and some differentmeats and cheeses.

It is amazing.

Excited? Yes.

This is just the appetizer.

Let's just dig right in.

So I'm trying Frizzante Rosso and it is atraditional type of wine and if you look down here you can see it is in a very traditionalcup not a typical wine glass.


This is a sparkling red wine.

It is fizzy.

It is very refreshing.

It doesn't seem quite strong as a normal wineand I kind of like that.

So this morning we're at a dairy farm learningall about the Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Tell us Sam, how much do you love cheese? I love my cheese.

Yeah, it has been cool just seeing how likethe production and how it is stored and it has been pretty cool.

Welcome to world of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Look at this! Look at all of this cheese.

Woah! So we're vising the Enzo Ferrari Museum andin terms of all of the things we've done on this trip this is going to be one of my favoritesI think.

And if you look up here it the museum is actuallyshaped like the engine of a Ferrari so the design of the actual museum is really cooland it looks big so we're going to check it out right now.

And because this is an Italian museum everyoneis having coffee.

I'm having gelato.

This flavor is called paradiso.

I think it is mango.

It is amazing.

So who cares about cars when you can enjoygelato.

Fun fact.

Last year when Sam and I went to Las Vegaswe actually got to drive a Ferrari but this is only my second time seeing them in theflesh up close.

So yeah, they're pretty cool cars I have tosay.

I'm not even a huge fan of cars but a FerrariI could get used to that.

Well, our time in Italy has come to an end.

We're currently at the airport in Bolognaenjoying one final lunch.

We are having pizza.

Would else would we be having? So take a look at this.

Doesn't it look amazing.

This is a margherita.

We're heading back to Asia and I can guaranteeyou we won't have a pizza as good as you'll find in Italy so we're sneaking one in onour last day before we take off.

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