ELECTRO-HARMONIX BASS SOUL FOOD – басовый эффект овердрайва и чистого буста

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Hello, my name is Phil, and today I'll tell you about the Electro-HarmonixBass Soul Food bass overdrive.

This small and lightweight casehides a few very useful features, which can be used with bothbass and electric guitar.

The Volume knob of this pedaladjusts the main output level, so this pedal can be used as a nicevolume booster.

The Treble knob can add and removehigh frequencies, so even without using the overdrive this pedalcan be turned into a nice treble booster.

And the input level adjusts by the switchfrom 0 to -10dB.

The pedal is powered by 9V batteryor by included 9V power adapter.

The Bass Soul Food can naturallyemphasise the tone of the instrument and make it more bright with rich treble as well as create the full overdriven sound, and you can blend it with the cleansound using the Blend knob.

This overdrive is very responsive even tothe smallest nuances of picking, and in general, this is a powerful tool to dramaticallychange the character of the sound of your bass, or guitar.

And the number of adjustments and combinationsallow you to squeeze hundreds of tone variations.

Source: Youtube