egg stir-fried food トマトと卵炒め 藩茄炒蛋 台湾風卵焼き 中華おつまみ Kouji’s Kitchen 中華で晩酌

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Simple Chinese cuisine Stir-fried pickles and eggs Most often omelet with home cooking Today I put pickles and bake it in Taiwanese style Use in China of pickles '' za-sai '' It cuts easily to a large extent This is three eggs It will be beautiful if mixed well It is good to filter once Seasoning is only a little salt Please bake the iron pot well.

Put in a lot of oil and let it get familiar Please do not use hot oil I use a lot of oil Firepower is medium heat Mix and fry the whole Add a little oil A state where the eggs slide is good It will be completed if it has brown on both sides Fry the eggs in hot oil The temperature is 170 to 180 degrees It will be finished when it becomes a fox color.

Rice and curry and rice, is delicious even if put in a ramen Please eat a little over the soy sauce Is a delicious soft-boiled Stir-fried with plenty of tomato and egg Two tomatoes, four eggs, onion Salt, garlic, cooking wine It is a very simple material, but is delicious Tomatoes are a large cut Bake the pot well and add a lot of oil You have first to the eggs soft and bake Fry quickly at high temperatures in a generous amount of oil Fry the tomatoes out a scent in the garlic Fry in put the cooking wine and onions Salt is a half teaspoon Combine eggs and fry them quickly Tomato is the egg dishes recommended for those who like Until the end Thank you for watching.