Egg Fried Rice – Recipe by Archana in Marathi – Restaurant Style Quick Chinese at Home

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Namaste! The moment we think of Chinese,everyone's most favorite is said to be Fried rice! And if has egg in it, it couldn't be better.

So, today let's prepare'Egg Fried Rice' We have these eggs.

So, first, let's prepare its omelet.

Take 4 eggs.

Now, let's add some salt andturmeric powder in it.

Around 1/4 tsp each.

Also, add some black pepper powder.

Now, let's mix it well.

Meanwhile, let's switch on the stove.

And, let's add some oil.

Spread it evenly.

This has been mixed well now;as well as the pan is heated.

So now, let's pour the egg batterinto the pan to make the omelet.

Now, let's flip it.

It seems nice.

Make sure it's completely cooked.

Omelet is ready, sonow let's take it out on a plate.

Take it out wholeas to cut it into pieces.

Now I will keepthis omelet aside to cool down.

Meanwhile let's cook the rice.

Let's switch on the stove.

Add 3 to 4 tbsp of oil.

Once the oil heats up,add green chilly and garlic.

The oil is hot enough.

Let's add 4 to 5vertically chopped green chillies.

20 to 25 cloves of garlic.

And these are2 to 3 chopped spring onions.

Next, add 1 tbsp black pepper powder.

And salt to taste.

And now, let's add the rice to it.

Mix it well before adding the rice.

This rice is cooked.

Using 1 whole cup of rice.

Rinse it thoroughly andtake 4 cups of water with a pinch of salt.

Let the water come to a boiland then add the rice to it.

And let it cook completely.

Cook till soft yet grains separated, drain the water immediately and let it steam cook.

Now, I have stirred the rice well.

So, let it cook.

Let's lower the flame.

And now, let's cut the omelet into pieces,as said this is an Egg Fried Piece.

Let's add these pieces to the rice.

And let's mix it properly.

Now let's cover it with the lidand steam cook.

It has been mixed well.

As the omelet is added in form of pieces, it's mixed well with the rice.

Increase the flame of the stove.

Let's check if has steamed well.

Yes nicely done, indeed.

Let's switch off the stove.

And keep it aside.

Let's serve it in a bowl.

Usually, when we go out to enjoyChinese cuisine, it's full of sauces and coloring.

And because of the same we are deprived of the real taste of an egg in the Egg Fried Rice.

So today, the way I prepared it for youwith black pepper and egg.

The prime flavorof an egg has engulfed in it.

And do let me know about it! For now, Bye.