Eating with Friends at Bumbu Desa in Yogyakarta | Indonesian Food

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Last night we ate out at dinner with a friend from England.

Today we will be out to lunch with friends.

the Netherlands.


He's been in Indonesia around, now 3 months huh? Or 4 months? More than 4 months.

Wow, more than 4 months.

He was in Jogja 3 months to study for a Master's degree.

Then he was traveling around Indonesia.

And a lot of nice places but unfortunately we did not go with him.

And he's got a lot of good stories about those places.

Sarah and Seth capture Pokemon in the back.

(Sarah) I may be new.

I can poliwag.

And so now we are going to see Landung along with his wife and son.

In the new restaurant and we were never there.

His name Bumbu Desa.

Okay guys, we've been in this restaurant its name spice village, where is it? There 'spice village' And looks very nice, like a high class restaurant for Indonesian food.

Wow, look at that I do not know how to eat here.

But this was recomended so we try.

So you grab food here and there is plenty of food here.

Various types of vegetables that can be taken.

All of these.

And there was a slug.

Some of the food from the beef.

And ribs.

Intestines and chicken livers.

Another part of the chicken.

What is this? Epilepsy and my thighs, it's a whole chicken parts.


Fried fish.

More fish, vegetables, some kind of soup here.

And 3 types of sauce here.

Sambal longer there.

We can already our meals.

This plate Julie, in the rice here.

It's nice, pleasant place.


You just go and choose what you want and they bring everything to us so this was fun.

And we can morm tea, very good.

And Jurgen be three types of meat.

Yes, chicken, beef and fish.

bone fish bit so I like.

How can it be the fish with a little bone? I do not know.

Maybe it (jellyfish) jellyfish Maybe.

And I can vegetables, vegetable papaya and banana's.

With this.




3 types of sauce which we will try.

I can chicken, tempeh and kale.

Two chili.

Seth different and he could shrimp were great.

It was great.

Both of you so I can be three types of sauce.

We'll try this one first.


A little.

And lemon.

And it's like in a salad.

It was tasty.

That's my favorite flavor.

Which is a bit more spicy than this one.

all good.

You have something very strange, what is it? This avocado juice.

Yes, cool is not it ?! With chocolate on it.

I've never tried avocado juice.

You should try this.

I do not know, are many.

It felt very strong but this is good, you want to try? Okay.

Surely they added sugar.

Yes, for sure.

It was tasty.

Good guys we just finished dinner, Julie cook chili bean and fried bread.

And this is a little behind the scene, she'll create a video with Veron.

Sarah channel checks.

And channel Veron.

They both existing YouTube channel.

And they will try a taste of British snack.

Landung here.

Halasan finally back.

Jurgen here.

I am here.

So yes, all right.

So our friend here, not all but that all my friends who are here tonight.

And yes we will be studying the Bible tonight.

And we'll hang out, maybe play games for Jurgen, tomorrow he returned home.

So tonight we will say goodbye to him.

Hang out and play the game like it later.

I think I'm getting sad.

I would go out and hang out with them Da.

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