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Har we in the restaurant special.

His name is Holy Soto (Holy Soup) Let's go and see.

This particular restaurant for soup.

And I think you can not anything here except soto message.

Let's see what our message.

It is sotonya.

Above there is fried onions.

Then there is the bean sprouts.

and I do not know that green is what it is.

Then there ation and noodles.

Supposedly there suiran chicken too.

and the broth.

And there is a citrus that can that can squeeze into soup and a sauce that can be added to the We will incorporate them into the soup.

Let me show you what else is there on the table.

No crackers, you can grab one then you just need to tell them how much you eat.

under the cap this fast there is, Chicken intestines and cakes, maybe you can see a video of Julie when she made cakes.

If you have not seen it, there is a link up here.

You can click and watch a video of it.

And underneath the lid of the second serving what is it? No fried tempe Very delicious.

Jules you already make a video of fried tempeh yet? [Julie] I make a video of tempe tempe but not with flour.

[Julie] As this.


[Julie] Only without flour, soybean cake without flour.

[Julie] I do not know I do not make video tempeh with flour.

Not yet.

Both of you have the opportunity you if you want to Julie for her about the video on the channel, How to make fried tempeh flour.

Immediately write a comment below, tell him if you want him to make the video and maybe he'll make it for you.

It worked with the tomato soup, tomato soup he made.

So I think he will make it for you.

The first time we ate here already from 2013.

And mother Neli from Jakarta came to help us find homes.

We do not know but this place is a place to eat our first time in Jogja, lunch at Jogja.

and the house that we can close.

Very close to this restaurant and we could walk here so nice.

If you want to see the house that first time we rent in Yogyakarta we've made a video about it.

So we no link in this video.

Neither Sarah how soto here? [Sarah] So good, I add lemon juice in it and this makes sotonya added orange palatable.

[Sarah] and rice and so on, it feels good.

[Seth] Delicious, yes.

[Seth] It feels so good.

[Seth] I do not enter a lime but I prefer without oranges.

[Julie] was sacred once.

[Julie] It's very good, I like the soup here, delicious.

We need to add lemon and chili.

Put one.


I think I will put two small scoops I think, so it feels a little better.

It felt good, I could feel his orange felt a little sambalnya and chicken and gravy.

Now we go to the toilet.

Hand washing facilities.

And WCnya here.

Use water to flush the toilet or to shower.

And no toilet seat here.

Here it is no small small glass lighting up there.

Fan lamp.

We've finished eating, we ordered five bowls of soup 12 tempe and 4 drinks.

Let's see how price tag.

Wow, look at that.

who is that? In her hp Watch our video.

It is funny.

Good guys we're done here the Holy soup or soup Holy restaurant.

And overall it was delicious huh? {All] Very tasty.

Yes tempenya tasty at all, as I said before we ordered five bowls of tempeh.

12 tempe and 4 drinks.

Wow, well so costs how Jules? [Julie] We pay 78 thousand rupiah, [Julie] And we see that 6 yes $ 6.

So it really makes for a family, for the four of us it was great.

[Julie] And tasty.

Yes it was tasty.

Good guys so if you are in the area of ​​Yogyakarta and want to eat Indonesian food like chicken soup can come to the restaurant's name is the Holy soto.

And there is a link in the description for the video to its location Both of you until we meet again.

Have a nice day and Keep Smiling :).

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