Eating Pork at Warung Bima Kroda | Indonesian Food

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Hey guys this evening we will bring you to a new restaurant, a new meaning for us.

Bima Kroda.

This is a diner that is not open to the public.

It says the diner Bali not for the public.

That diner Bali not for the public.

Only special people can eat here.

Are you that special person Sar? (Sarah) Yes I was a special person.

(Seth) Are you that special person? (Seth) I think so.

(Sarah) You're special.

What is wrong.



Both of you, our meal had arrived.

This is what we can.

This name can be mixed rice soup, rice, vegetables, can pork and pork satay.

Sarah you can be the same? (Sarah) Sama.


But it can be a different Jules, Jules you can what? (Julie) I can white rice.

(Julie) I also like the pork satay skewers with soy sauce.


And Seth also be mixed rice.

Mixed rice.

We can sweet tea.

What a cute friend? (Seth) Because our message with sambal and view portions.

Wow tu little, we have to ask ya Seth added.

(Julie) He says you want chilli sauce and she can be that much.

Well Seth started first.

(Seth) Enak.

(Seth) was a little spicy.

(Seth) Long Beans.

(Seth)'re pretty good.

(Julie) Spicy? (Seth) Slightly spicy.

(Julie) Your eyes watering.

(Julie) Spicy.

(Sarah) Okay I try satay.

(Sarah) It feels good.

(Sarah) It was like a coconut in it, too bad.

I like.

Well now we try satenya.

It's tasty and slightly spicy Seth.

Yes this is good.

We try.

We try long beans with rice.

It is also delicious, delicious.

Good food was delicious, if you come to Yogyakarta you must try this place.

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See you tomorrow and keep smiling.


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