Eating Noodles at Mie Ayam Cak Nonang in Yogyakarta | Indonesian Food

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Sate intestine.

Good morning guys, Today we will be eating at the stall behind me.

This is a chicken noodle stalls.

And organic noodles.


So we will go and see.

We eat organic noodles, organic chicken noodle.

It seems that in cooking.

And this in Godean outside the city of Jogjakarta.

Jules drinking her iced tea.

This is good.

And there satay chicken intestine.

And various kinds of sauce.

There are also fried crackers.

And these are called chips.

Almost the same with crackers.

Okay, see everything is here.

It got you Seth.

For you.

For Jules.

And for me.

No noodles This is not a self-made noodles from the factory but the homemade noodles.

No chicken, cucumber and meatballs.

Seth will seek for us.


Have you eaten? How? [Seth] It's delicious.

Is it true? Very delicious.

Seth love one thumb or two thumbs? [Seth] Two thumbs up.

Two thumbs up.

[Julie] GOOD.

[Julie] There was a slight peppery taste.

Is it true? [Julie] Spicy for seasoning.

Good? Is it true? Should I try too? Yes.

Well I tried.

Okay, let's try.

This is good.

Seth seemed a little embarrassed.

He was just saying that this is the most delicious noodles she had ever eaten in a restaurant.

Is that true? [Seth] Yes.

The food is so good here.

And the price is also affordable.

It costs 36 thousand.

36 for our meals everything was around $ 3 and it already includes drinks as well.

So it was a nice place to eat, it's very good.

Seth said it was the most delicious noodles she had ever eaten in a restaurant.

It was incredible because he loves noodles.

All the information you need to find this place exists in the description if you want to see.

[Julie] And he says if you come early [Julie] You may be, is open 10 am.

[Julie] You may get to see them make the noodles.

[Julie] So it will be fun.

Yes, and do not come late because They are only open until it runs out because they make the noodles fresh every day.

If they close mienya exhausted, usually at 3 pm mienya exhausted.

So make sure you come at lunch instead of evening.

You're late.

Have a nice day Lovely and Keep Smiling.

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