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This is the time.

Well, you've asked of old.

It is time, we will bring you into.

And we will try to warm and we'll see if we like, let's go.

[Julie] This is the first time we ate here.

[Julie] So do not know how how.

There was plenty warm.

[Julie] Wow, look at that.

So we in Gudeg Yu Djum and mother at the counter kind, he helped us.

[Julie] Yes he was very helpful.

He explains what is and what to order because we never had.

We've tried before but I can not remember.

[Julie] Very little.

I do not remember at all and there is no shadow of what it will be like.

The foods are all here, let's see.

Gudeg look like this.

And there's the chocolate.

There is a chicken.

And there is a kind of gelatin.

and rice.

[Julie] Got me a little different because I did not order the chicken, my message tempeh.

[Julie] And mine too with eggs, Nice.

I can not eggs.

[Julie] You do not want to.

I know, but I do not know that their eggs like that.

I guess the only regular eggs.

[Julie] And we do not know too much about warm.

Except for the very well-known in Jogja and you want us to try this.

[Julie] All we know is it took a long time to cook it.

[Julie] Yes, I think we already know.

Well we'll try this chocolate.

and I took a little rice.

Well, we tried.

It's adorable.

It's like dessert, sweet.

I do not imagine it would be as sweet as this.

Yes, let Jules.

[Julie] Well, it's my turn to try.

[Julie] So there is a bit of tempeh over my rice.

[Julie] It was like made from coconuts as well.

[Julie] I feel like coconut, I feel there is little spicy taste.

[Julie] Very soft.

[Julie] I feel like I can not chew it.

[Julie] Yes as Marti said this sweet, I never imagined it tasted as sweet as this.

It feels almost like apple pie or.

[Julie] Apple pie? A taste of apple pie, maybe with cinnamon? [Julie] A taste of apple pie? Maybe.

[Julie] Apple pie is very different.

Yes but possible.

[Sarah] I take chicken with rice.

[Sarah] The chicken taste good.

[Sarah] But not as sweet as they say.

We try gentle.

[Sarah] The chicken taste good.

We'll try this one, too.

[Sarah] Okay that was sweet.

[Sarah] It was like brown sugar.

[Sarah] It was delicious.

When finished reading the wikipedia.

Gudeg described is made of young jackfruit sweet.

Originally from Yogyakarta and Central Java.


[Julie] We also read as Marti said of jackfruit.

Also there is a brown sugar and coconut, so it is cooked for a long time with other herbs.

And we eat today, got me with a chicken.

And gelatin, I guess from cowhide but I am not sure.

[Julie] Yes probably, got me there and there but I do not eat chicken.

I had the tempeh and eggs.

[Julie] And the egg is very strong, I do not know how they make it.

and cook with other herbs, it feels strong.

Yeah so I do not eat eggs.

I think, whether we like it and if we want to eat again? I would say I like it, it was tasty.

It was so sweet, so like the main meal was a little weird for me.

But if you like sweet foods [Julie] was a lot and I think it was tasty.

[Julie] But as Marti said it was a lot and it was very sweet.

So I would eat again, it was tasty.

But I'm not sure going to eat it often.

[Julie] Yes, not every day.

Unlike chicken nuggets, or burrito or chili beans or fried rice.

[Julie] Yes we can eat fried rice every day possible.

Both of you, we will go back home now, we met there.

And there we were going to do at home.

So I'll see you in a few moments at home.

Good guys, we've got home and I see you want to know how much it costs, so each of us had one plate gudeg with chicken or tempeh.

[Julie] Eggs.

with drinks.

With three bottles of water, Seth drinking a glass of water.

[Julie] And the price Rp.


000 Good, so about $ 10 Yes 134,000 and today we will do is we can package here.

and Seth will open it for us.

So this package from, Destini.

[Seth] Bebarsari from Bekasi east.

[Julie] Yes it was him.

[Seth] Of Destini Bebarsari.

[Julie] Maybe when Seth opened it, I'll show you a postcard that we can.

[Julie] It says Aloha from Hawaii.

And this from Lani, Lani thank you so much for sending this postcard.

You are always very friendly with your comments and we hope to see you immediately.

In November, hey this November.

Hope can meet you in Jogja because you were coming, so it will be fun.

Could meet with you.

thanks for the postcard, this is amazing.

So while we wait for Seth opened it, I'm telling you about other challenges.

I take to November.

Some people call it a no shave November.

Some call Novembeard.


Novembeard or no shave November? Novembeard.

Good Novembeard, we see how long it grows in a month so, So today we're recording this is November 1st.

[Julie] Yes, I will make it as well.

Yes she will have a thick beard.

[Julie] No, I'm not going to shave their legs.

[Sarah] Really? Then I will be shaving today.

[Julie] We're a team, we should do it together.

No, it was only for men.

[Julie] I think I need a haircut.

Well lets see the progress that has been made Seth.

Very strong glue.

Yes, good.

We try to go from here.

Soyjoy! Maybe it was a box Soyjoy.

Soyjoy tasty at all.


Good, now box.

Isolation another.

It's his mama.

[Julie] Well, it's very long.

Someone wrote essays.

and this SOYJOY and pocari sweat.

He knows you well.

Like all pocari sweat.

I think it's Sarah.

Is that powder? It is a powder, I have not seen this before.

Cool, this is amazing.

Let me open this.

Its powder of course for me because I was dry.

Yes a lot of sweat pocari powder.

It's incredible.


[Julie] So just need to put in a bottle and add water.

and, And Soyjoy.

Almonds and chocolate.


[Julie] Oh yes it says is easy to carry, can carry while hiking.

To the sea, backpacking, skiing.

So just put a bottle of water.


Sarah likes this.

And I've never tried this flavor SOYJOY.

Almonds and chocolate, cool.

and a nice letter and he said we could call him Beba.

That nickname him.

His writing is nice and easy to read.

and this is a very nice letter so thank you very much.

He, Like our videos, he kept watch.

he said it was the inspiration for her so she was once told you so.

and he wants to see us, and we actually met.

McDonald in Ambarukmo.

In Jogja, and it was cool once, he told me just a short but it was cool.

and Beba also worked at a company that produces sweat and SOYJOY pocari.

so he sent this because he saw sweat pocari This is a new product and he thought Sarah and Seth will be like this so nice.

da thank you send these all.

I hope to see you again.

Both of you, thank you for being with us gudeg.

and also with us saw this package, thank you very much for the package.

very good and very generous.

See you again.

have a nice day beautiful.

Keep Smiling.

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