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Hi all.

Today we are in a restaurant in Yogyakarta name Sawah Resto.

I will bring you into and around and show you what can be eaten here.

Let's go and see.

Come here for lunch and it was very quiet.

This resto menu in the rice fields.

And they had a lot of the menu here.

If you want to see its menu can pause the video.

Shows at a glance to you some kind of food they had.

How you book here is you see the menu and they gave the paper.

And write whatever you want to eat.

And how many servings you want.

[Julie] So that our message today is fried shrimp, fried shrimp flour.

[Julie] fried rice for Seth.

[Julie] Tempe, and beef.

[Julie] beef black pepper.

[Julie] and vegetables capcai name.

[Julie] Maybe it was English too.

[Julie] Is capcai in English? Maybe.

Capcai [Julie] Yes, and also capcai.

[Julie] My message coconut ice and I already know what it's like.

[Julie] But they add the brown sugar in the bottom.

And also seeds.

[Julie] Seed is the name of what? It's called the frog eggs.

[Julie] frog eggs: D It was really a frog egg.

Drinking coconut water with frog eggs, it was tasty.

[Julie] It looks good but it is very different from what I imagined.

[Julie] Let's try.

[Julie] Yes this is very good.

[Julie] I need to stir this because I just think I drank brown sugar.

[Julie] But it's nice.

[Julie] Want to try? Certain.


[Julie] Want to try Marti? Yes, well let's try the frog eggs.

Sweet, tastes like sugar.

Perhaps you know that we are sitting here, maybe not.

I show it to you.

See Jules.

He sat style called Indian style below.

[Jules] always without shoes.

Sarah, Seth and me.

This is called cross-legged in Indonesia.

And basically we sit under a table like this with very short.

As people at other tables.

But they also had a regular table if you want to sit at a regular table.

So the food we've come, we will start to eat right now.

And show you what food had arrived.

No fried tempeh.

With sambal.

And this is a vegetable that we are talking about the name capcai Inside are various kinds of vegetables.

No rice.

And Jules message shrimp.

Seth pesa fried rice.

And there is also a black pepper beef.

I think we ordered too much food.

Because I think this is not a portion to share portions per person.

So Jules had enough shrimp shrimp for 3 people.

I also message shrimp.

So we got a lot of food.

So grab a bit of chilli.

Put on tempe and we try tastes.

We refer to this spicy or not.

Not too spicy but this was delicious.

And last comes the food shrimp.

This sweet and sour shrimp.

You see this shrimp is still no head.

I love eating shrimp shells.

But I do not really like to eat his head but Jules had already eaten some of her head.

[Julie] Yes, I ate some heads but the shrimp was delicious.

[Julie] too much, just enough for the four of us with shrimp that I ordered.

[Julie] But this is like melting in the mouth, very good.

So let's try shrimp.

This sweet and sour shrimp, we pesa two shrimp.

With chunks of pineapple and tomato.

It's tasty, sweet and crispy skin we can be chewed easily.

Very delicious.

[Sarah] It's beef, is very thin.

[Sarah] It feels so good, there was no pepper and onions and peppers as well.

[Julie] You see here? [Seth] I like the look myself.

[Julie] See here.

[Julie] Behind us, this is the view from the outside.

[Julie] It's very nice, very convenient.

Looks like we could sit there too.

[Julie] They also got the fields.

[Julie] Rice in English rice field.

[Julie] So this Sawah Resto.

[Julie] You can see them working here.

[Julie] There are many people working here today.

[Julie] And the other people there.

[Julie] Here also there are great seats.

[Julie] Good.

[Julie] This ban.

[Julie] Made of tires? [Julie] Yes banar.

[Julie] Everything rubber.

[Julie] Wow cool [Seth] Wow, look at my pants.

[Julie] From kucingnnya.

[Julie] Awesome.

[Julie] Exactly this is wonderful.

[Julie] A nice and comfortable to go, no vehicle noise.

[Julie] And yes very pleasant.

Nice and cozy.

Now we find WC, we will make a review WC if possible.

Neither is he.

This is it, the standard.

There are two.

Two WC, which.

That there is no toilet, but that it exists.

Sarah is new to this folder addressed to us.

And we are from here, from the US precisely California.

And you come from? Leave a comment below.

You barasal from where? You guys are from which country? This map is nice.

[Seth] We're here.

Yes now we are in Indonesia there.

Both guys were Sawah Resto in Yogyakarta.

And portions huge.

[Julie] We ordered too much food.

[Julie] And the price is quite expensive, we do not know the portion of it.

[Julie] So it was 189 thousand rupiah.

[Julie] And we do not eat it all, it was a lot.

But I tried, I eat a lot of food [Julie] Yes.

[Julie] And I do not eat too much of my shrimp heads so a lot of food left over.

[Julie] So it was 189 thousand rupiah approximately USD $ 14 so the exact doubling of that should we spend here.

So if you come to the fields resto.

Portions are huge so it's for sharing Do not order too much food you can order again if it is not enough.

[Julie] I hope you can come here we include a link in the description.

[Julie] So if you Yogyakarta you could come here.

[Julie] Thanks for watching, thank you already subscribe to our channel.

Have a nice day and Keep Smiling.

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